How To Use Payday Loans

Seems like at one point or another everyone has an unexpected expense that has to be paid that falls outside of our ability to come up with readily available cash to cover it. These times are when those who do not have good credit need to know how to use payday loans. Learning the ABC’s … Continue reading “How To Use Payday Loans”

Should I use My Tax Refund For Payday Loans?

  This time of year people are always wondering should I use my tax refund for payday loans or should I just keep making payments on them? We have a simple and direct answer to them, NO! We see people do this every year and a person can use this money in much better ways … Continue reading “Should I use My Tax Refund For Payday Loans?”

Massachusetts Laws For Payday Loans

By Shawn Martin The Massachusetts laws for payday loans make the payday loan companies follow the state’s small loan or criminal usury laws. These laws drop the ability for the lenders to collect the high-interest rates and fees most payday loan companies use when granting loans. If you are being charged high-interest rates and fees, chances are the … Continue reading “Massachusetts Laws For Payday Loans”

How To Get Out Of Payday Loans Legally

The idea of getting out of payday loan loans legally at first sounds like a crazy statement and on the surface it is! But if we dig down into the topic it will become more and more clear just how real this statement is and how many people really have the desire to do exactly … Continue reading “How To Get Out Of Payday Loans Legally”