A Payday Loan Debt Solution For The Holidays!

payday loan debt solutionWe have quite a few people asking us at this time of year if we have a payday loan debt solution for the holidays for them and we always answer that we do!

Now just looking at this request at face value would make a person think about getting rid of a person’s outstanding payday loan debt and they would be right, but it is way more than just getting rid of the debt.

When a person or a family is experiencing collection proceedings and is living with this kind of debt and all of the negative activity that comes along with having this debt hanging over their heads life can be very difficult.

Everyone qualifies for immediate payday loan debt relief!

What kind of negative activity?

There are many different forms of negative energy that are present when you have bill collectors calling and threatening you and even threatening your job.

We have had clients who have had collectors threaten to send the police over to arrest them for their outstanding balance!

They would use this ruse to get a payment immediately, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

What types of collection tactics do they use?

debt collectorHere are some of the more severe of the many different ways we have been told by our client’s bill collectors have used:

  • Badgered clients with constant phone calls
  • threatened arrest and jail time
  • Called all references and threatened them
  • Called bosses
  • Called and demanded using pawn shops to make payments

The list is pretty much anything you can think of and while most payday loan collectors will resort to using at least one or two of the above most try to follow the law but they do push it to the limits.

Can they really throw me in jail?

man in jailNo, they can not throw anybody in jail for outstanding payday loan debt.

In most states, they can not even take you to court with one exception, they do have a loophole in some states with bounced check laws.

Should your payment be returned for NSF they now can use that as a collection threat.

Where does it end?

This seems to be the common question from anyone who has been living with this kind of harassment and having gone through it ourselves at one time we understand how a client feels.

Depression, anger, desperation, sadness, feelings of inadequacy, are all feelings that accompany the payday loan collection process.

Now holidays have arrived and this is the time we see people pawning their most valuable keepsakes, their TVs, stereos, taking out more payday loans, pretty much finding any way they can get money to silence these collectors.

We have seen people sell their cars and even their houses to pay off this kind of debt and some have taken this to the point of breaking up families.

All that negative energy adds up!

debt ballPeople who end up dealing with this just feel they are trapped and have no way out but in reality, they are just uninformed as to how much power they really have in these situations.

The pawn shops, the borrowing more money, hiding from the phone calls and the embarrassment of these collectors calling your references and even your bosses and co-workers do not have to even happen.

How do people avoid these types of things?

Become informed is our best advice!

If you have not used a payday loan service yet please read our article on Safe payday loans: The facts

This should inform you on how to use a payday loan safely.

If you are already dealing with out of control debt all of the above can be stopped with one phone call to a good respectable payday loan consolidation company and all collection activity will be stopped in its tracks.

It really is that simple!

What can they do?

These companies will bail you out of all of this negative energy and put a smile back on your face for the holidays.

Check out our Payday Loan Repayment Plan to find out more about these services and how they can help you!

There you have it!

smiling coupleBy following our advice on getting rid of this debt or avoiding it completely by being informed you will now have an awesome holiday season!

Now it is your turn!

We always want to hear from you!

If you have any questions or comments you would like to leave please do so below and we will address them promptly!


Everyone qualifies for immediate payday loan debt relief! 

11 thoughts on “A Payday Loan Debt Solution For The Holidays!”

  1. I would not want to have all of that debt to have to pay off.  That would really make me anxious and upset cause I would feel like I could just never pay for it and would hate to deal with debt collectors.  It would be a lot of negative energy, for sure.  The best thing you can do is not have any debt.  Pay it off as quickly as possible if you do.  Putting money away in savings and saving it is the best way to avoid debt.

    1. Hi, Shy!

      I agree that not having the debt in the first place would be the best way to do it but things happen and people do end up in serious trouble. That is why we are here, to help them get back to where they can save and be debt free!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. This was a really interesting article, i really hate payday loans.  I use to get them a long time ago when ireally need them but the interest rates are insane at most places and you always pay so much more back.  I am trying to never have to get another payday loan in my life, i already went through bankruptcy because of the debt i had.

    1. Hi, Justin!

      I understand the feelings you are having and we are always here to help if you ever do end up needing it again!

      Thanks for stopping by and keep them loans closed!


  3. This is an interesting site.  Even though it provides much information to what is certainly a sector of the population much in need of help, the approach taken seems a bit pushy; there are many links, forms, enticements and the like, to steer the viewer to the provider of relief services.  My take on this is that there will be many takers, given that there are a lot of people in financial distress and those people are, without a doubt, looking for some way to get out a bind.

    I’d probably have enjoyed the site more if it were more subtle in the promotion of its service.  My guess is that the site will attract many, because the need in this area is always present.  There is much to learn here in the area of marketing in the WA space.


    1. Hi Hugo and thanks so much for your insight!

      We will take your suggestions seriously and consider ways of making the website a bit more firendly!


  4. This is a beautifully constructed site. The spacing is perfect. The font is perfect. The colors you chose are perfect.

    What great knowledge you provide to the public. Everyone qualifies for immediate payday loan debt relief? Really?  Wow! My roommate needs to see this site. The payday loan collector is practically knocking down our doors. They knocked on our back door then rang every phone line in our house. Is that legal?   He got a payday loan and has been trying to repay it, but they continued add a crazy amount of interest. Poor guys don’t realize that debtors prison is a thing of the past, and neither does the payday loan administrator.  I’m going to send him a link immediately. He could use your assistance. What a perfect public service you have. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi, Rick!

      Sorry you guys are going through the collection horrors of payday loans. Give us a call and we can get this all stopped for you right away and save you a bunch of money on the pay back for sure.


  5. Hi Shawn,

    I think you are the guys I need to talk to. My wife has a habit of using those payday loans and rolling them over, again and again. I try to talk to her but, she won’t listen to me. She will not take the time to even think about how much that interest is costing her. How do you get through to someone like this? I want to get her out of this mess once and for all.

    Explain to me how your loans work, can she consolidate more than one payday loan? Now, I am not sure how long she has all her loans so is the loan payback period flexible? I don’t even know how much she owes, is there a limit on how much you lend? Thank you for all you help, maybe when I have all the facts, I can convince her to get this mess straightened out!


  6. Hello Shawn, great article. Back in the day, I have been going thru some financial problems which costed me to applied for a few credit cards, and even take out student loans for college. As of now, I am planning to eliminate all or the majority of my debt. I have a question, what is debt consolidation?? I would really like to be informed on the term please. Thank you!!!

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