Are Online Payday Advance Loans Safe?

online payday advance loans
Easy cash?

With the holiday seasons on their way online payday advance loans become a very real way to make ends meet for those who run short on cash but one needs to know what to look out for when using them.

There will be ads that will be hitting you in the papers, on the radio and all over the internet promising you money in your bank account within 24 hours and if you are not informed on how to use them safely you can find yourself in real trouble right away.

Let’s take a look at what these loans are and how to safely use them and also what to do if you end up in trouble with these loans.

Hopefully, we can help avoid some of the pitfalls.

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Are They Safe?

For the most part yes, they can be a safe way to get some quick money in an emergency, but this would be the only reason a person should even consider taking out one of these loans.

We repeat the following in many posts here at help Payday Loan Debt because it is imperative that borrowers know what to expect going into these contracts.

To use an online payday advance loan you must:

  • Know they are short-term high-interest loans that will charge you a very high-interest rate for their services. For example, a $500.00 advance will cost the borrower about $150.00 in interest and fees over two weeks.
  • know these loans need to be paid in full on the first due date PERIOD!
  • Know that in order to pay off anything but the 2 week interest charge you MUST call the company no later than 3 days before the due date and inform them you want to satisfy the loan IN FULL on the due date. If you do not do this you will only be charged the interest and fees and you will automatically reset the loan for another 2 weeks with new interest and fees added.
  • NEVER extend your loan for ANY reason!

Knowing this going in will make sure you get out on the other side safely and quickly.

The last thing you want to ever do is get caught in the payday loan trap of having to keep extending these loans and /or taking out new ones to make the payments on older loans.

What If I Have Already Defaulted?

online payday loan debt
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We have covered how to use these loans properly and how to get them paid in full in a timely manner and what to do if you do end up trapped in out of control payday advance debt.

Use this information and have a wonderful holiday season!
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Are You In Trouble With Payday Advance Debt?

See How We Can Help You By

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23 thoughts on “Are Online Payday Advance Loans Safe?”

  1. Hi Shawn
    As someone that has taken out loans before I really think anyone considering a payday loan must be very wary. I have gotten myself into a mess before and I can tell you one thing: it is very easy to get a loan, paying it off is not so easy and once you start owing money you really get into a trap. You find you can’t pay the loan back when it is due and then you take out a loan else where to pay the first one.. you see where this is going I’m sure. Just be careful because being in debt is incredibly stressful!

    1. Hi, Lynn!

      Your explanation is spot on and that is exactly how you get trapped in out of controlo payday loan debt.

      Glad you got out of yours and learned the lesson to beware.

      Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!


  2. You have a really amazing website. It looks really good too. I wish i could get mine to look like this.

    I can see a lot of people looking for a payday advance with upcoming holidays. What I really appreciate is that that you offer help for people who are in over there head.

    Christmas shouldn’t bankrupt you and you help people not do that.

    Thanks for the info.

    1. Hi, Dylan!

      I agree that no holiday should ever make anyone go in debt and I plan on adding a section soon that educates people on how to approach holidays and money.

      We will always be here to help anyone with payday loan debt so if any of your family or friends should get into trouble please get them over here! 🙂


  3. Shawn,
    This is good information with the holidays coming up.I have never needed this service, I hope I never will. I had a friend at work that was always using them and never could get caught up.
    One thing that you point out is to pay them off at the first due date. This will keep the interest from being higher than the original loan. I never realized the interest rates were so high on these types of loans.

    1. Hi, John!

      Yes, they are high and like you said, people can never catch up!

      Glad you stopped by and if you ever do need help feel free to contact us, we will be here for all 🙂


  4. Hi, Chuck and Evelyn!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the site.

    I am glad you have never had to deal with these companies and please continue to avoid them!

    I really appreciate you offering to share our site with your friends and family, that is awesome!

    We are here to help one and all!


  5. These types of loans scare me, I am lucky that I have never had to use one. But I do see the adverts everywhere with APR’s of 2000% and more! Scary. Your article is really helpful as I think many people won’t read the small print and overlook what could get the into trouble. Do you think this is why they are set up like this and how they make extra money, by intentionally trying to catch people out?

    1. Hi, Ruth!

      Yes, I really do believe they are set up this way. They are out to make the maximum amount of money for the least amount of investment.

      I have met and worked with a payday loan company owner in the past and trust me, they are out for the max regardless of who suffers.

      This is one reason I do what I do here, help people who get in trouble or are just looking for information on these companies.

      Please do us a favor and share our site around a bit so we can reach more people in need and if you ever need our help please contact us!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  6. Hi Shawn

    I can just imagine how big payday loans become as people develop the urge to borrow money before Christmas.

    Yep, I’ve certainly seen those Ads everywhere too, and can be sometimes annoying lol.

    However, as a payday loan customer myself, I do tend to bite off more than I can chew and struggle to pay money back.

    This is a great article, and you have helped me a great deal when it comes to safe loans 🙂


    1. Hi, Neil!

      Discipline is the answer and we all could use a boot of it every now and then!

      Holidays are on the way and many people will get buried in these kinds of debts.

      Spread the word that we are here to help them 🙂


  7. Hey Chris

    Love your post, you have a great way of explainining things,a way in which I could even understand 😉 ..

    I must say I do agree with your post however I am not sure I would use a company such as this #, Iknow it can be good alternative for some people but to me the intrest rates are a killer.

    Thank you for sharing this article with everyone, I know I have found some great value within it, I have no doubt anyone else would have to.


    1. Hi!

      Yes, the interest rates are downright horrible, but as an alternative to no money I guess bad is better than nine for some.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. HI Shawn,
    I found this article to be extremely well written as you take the time to explain about some of the pitfalls regarding getting involved with companies that issue loans to people, sometimes desperate to get their hands on money.
    You take the time to explain really what is so often written in small ink – something that the borrower might not see or take the time to really understand about the process of securing loans from lenders.
    AS example you explained the rate of interest that a customer would be responsible for when taking out a $500 loan. Interest alone would be $150. It’s good that you gave that example visibly so that potential lenders would know exactly what borrowing money would entail.
    A simply fabulous job on your part, Shawn with the manner in which your wrote this article!

    1. Hi, Jeff!

      Thanks for the compliments, you are very kind 🙂

      I believe the easier it is to read and understand the better.

      If I open a website and can not read and understand the content I am gone and I think our meesage is too important for that to happen here.

      Thanks for stopping by and please spread the word that we are here!


  9. Hey Shawn, I love what you are doing here. I have a family member who years ago really got into a lot of hot water using payday loans. She wound up defaulting on a few of them and it took her a while to get out from under that hardship. I wish she had read this article before she started taking those loans.

    While I do agree that they can be a good tool if used properly, don’t you think that some of these payday loan places prey on people’s hardships or vulnerabilities? I’m sure there are good ones out there but it’s sort of like buying a car. Are there any resources that can help you decide whether one is good or bad?

    1. Hi, Christian!

      I understand what you are asking and no, there are simply no good payday loan companies. They are all the same and are out to make maximum profits. That being said you can take out any opayday loan and use it safely if you follow a couple simple rules which we cover on our site.

      People are going to take these loans out no matter how much we preach they are dangerous, so we try to explain that there is only one way to use them if you insist on taking one out.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and your compliments!


  10. Hello there Shawn

    Found your site some time ago and had to just come back. l wanted to learn more about online payday loans.
    Im from Europe, we do not have these payday loans in my country that l know of unless there are secret illegal ones(thank God for that) but l really hope they could be banned altogether.
    A person who needs $500 right now and have to borrow if because they do not have any savings, to me is unlikely person to be able to afford to pay it back in a very short period of time.
    ln a way payday loans should be called money sharks,thieves, only done in a legal way but dangerous to get out of if you get in.
    Thanks again for a wonderful read, l hope I never get into a position that l need payday loan and if l do, l hope i remember to come read your post first before commiting.
    Cheers Roamy

    1. Hi, Roamy!

      Thanks for stopping back and believe me, they have many not so nice names over here in the USA and in the UK.

      We will keep educating people and hopefully we can make a difference in their lives!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  11. Good information on this site. I have been fortunate enough to not need to use any of these services. Based on what I’ve read you are saying that they are safe. Its good to know if I ever needed it that I would be able to do it without too much worry.

    1. Hi, Devin1

      Yes, they can be safe but in the long run one should avoid them at all costs.

      I hope we can educate people on how to avoid getting trapped in out of control payday loan debt instead of helping them out of the debt, but we can do both if needed!


  12. Hey Shawn

    I can see why payday loans become popular towards Christmas because it can be such an expensive time of year for people and puts pressure on finances.

    It’s great to know these sites are safe when it comes to emergency loans, and thanks very much for the tips and reminders with these loan companies.

    I also wish you and your family a great Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Shawn!


    1. Hi, Neil!

      Thanks for stopping by and happy holidays right back at you!

      Yes, you can use these loans safely but you MUST follow the rules.

      Please help spread the word tom everyone that we are here!


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