Arizona Payday Loan Laws

Arizona State Flag
Arizona State Flag

Arizona payday loan laws cover several points that were meant to help the borrower.

The interest rates are 15 percent and a borrower may only have one payday loan at a time.

This only one loan at a time law was added for the protection of the borrower but lack of follow up on the lenders part creates a situation where the borrower can easily obtain more than one payday loan.

While the answer may be illegal, when asked if they have any other payday loans taken out, borrowers are just stating they do not, thus the lender goes by the word of the borrower and writes the loan.

You may roll over your loan up to three times per loan.

This is where the payday loan companies make their money. The interest rate on every rollover is the maximum, and nothing gets taken off the principal.

The loan amount of any payday loan cannot exceed $500.00 according to the Arizona payday loan legislation.

The only way to successfully use these loans is if you can absolutely pay off the loan in full on the first due date. You still get hit with 15 percent interest, but only once.

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