Avoiding Holiday Payday Loans

By Shawn Lee Martin

avoiding payday loansIt is quickly approaching that time of year and it is really important that we stress why people should be avoiding holiday payday loans.

So many people come up short this time of year and with all the ads offering money deposited directly into your bank account in a days time and sometimes within hours it makes it very easy to destroy your financial situation in no time at all.

There are things you can do to avoid this problem and we want to make sure you are informed BEFORE you decide to take out one of these loans.

If you have never taken one of these loans out or if you have and have gotten in trouble in the past with payday loans please read on and learn all the facts before diving in!

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The Facts

There are major differences between regular payday loans that you take out in person and online loans you take out on a computer.

The computer loans, also called online loans are much more dangerous for many reasons and a borrower needs to understand how they work before they take one out.

When you take out one of these you will be billed THE INTEREST AMOUNT ONLY every payday cycle unless you call them 3 days before the due date and tell them a different payback amount.

So, on a $500.00 two week loan the interest is $150.00 giving you a total payback amount on your next payday of $650.00 right?


The online companies will take out the $150.00 and recharge your loan another $150.00 for the next pay cycle.

You now have a new loan payback total of $650.00 after just paying $150.00 interest. See how quickly you can get buried?

States That Ban Online Payday Loans

The following states have completely banned online payday loans:

  • Arkansas
  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • North Carolina
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia

You can still take out an online loan in these states as the loan companies do ignore the laws and do not care about getting caught.

They are mostly based outside the USA and they will write the loans regardless of the laws and their collections practices are brutal!

They have been known to hit your bank account every payday cycle and in states where they are illegal they even change the company name to get at your bank account.

They will call everyone and anyone you know looking for money and they never give up.

Using Online Loans Safely

holiday payday loansSometimes people need to do what they have to do and when that happens these loans are an option.

There is good news here and everyone can use that!

You can use online payday loans safely but only if you FOLLOW a couple simple rules to the letter.

  1. NEVER extend your loan
  2. On the first due date of the loan, call the company within 3 days of the due date and tell them you want to pay off the loan IN FULL

Follow these two rules and you will end up paying an extremely high interest rate for a two-week loan but that is all it will cost you and it will be done and over with.


Holiday season is on us and many times money ends up running out before paydays.

Anyone can use a payday loan be it online or in person safely if they follow the two rules above and do not deviate from them whatsoever!

Good luck this holiday season and know that if you or any of your family or friends do end up in trouble with out of control payday loan debt we will be here and we can help you!

The quicker you take action the more you will save in the end!
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26 thoughts on “Avoiding Holiday Payday Loans”

  1. Hey Shawn, I just wanna say that I really enjoyed reading your article on payday loans. Being in the car business there’s a lot of up and down income so you have to adjust. I found myself needing a payday loan and didn’t even realize that my monthly payment would only cover the interest.
    I wish I would’ve found this page sooner, as it would’ve really helped me out before I got caught in the payday trap.

  2. I like this page, it is very informative has all the answers a person in that situation would need, the layout the color everything is just so intact. Good work Shawn you really put in a lot of effort to make such a great site. It is also great to see you have so many comments on your site, the pictures used are clear and self explanatory and yes so many people do end up loaning money on pay day or just a day after so I think it will be quite helpful for them if it is with a click of the mouse instead of having to go and queue for hours.

    1. Thanks so much for checking us out!

      We have worked hard to make getting help with out of control payday loan debt easy and fast and we hope if you ever need any help in the future with this kind of debt you will remember that we are here!


  3. Great help and great service for people who might feel trapped in payday loans. Is this a debt consolidation company? Just curious on what service was provided. Your sight seemed overloaded with information and made me click out of it very quickly because it was a lot of info and right there in your face. Hope you find this constructiveness helpful and not nit picking

    1. Hi, Justin!

      Yes, it can be a bit overloading, but if you need help with payday loan debt and come visit our site you will find help with the click of a mouse.

      Yes, we are in the payday loan consolidation business and are here to help anyone who may be in need of it. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and If you ever need us we will be here 🙂


  4. What a great, needed warning. It is immoral, and should be illegal, what these sharks do. I believe debt is dragging our nation down faster than almost anything else you can think of, and these ridiculously expensive loans are just too easy to get. Best to avoid them. We really don’t need to spend that much on the holidays anyway.

  5. Just like the UK Shawn, loan sharks are making a killing here with the big influx of state benefits being riddled with false information and an ever growing population of people finding thmeselves into substantial debt. Something our govt should not be proud of achieving- these companies need to be properly regulated to stop this widespread problem.


    1. Hi, Alex!

      I agree completely and I hope that this does become reality for both the US and UK.

      More improtantly people need to be educated on what they are getting into and I hope we are getting to enough people to keep making a difference!

      Thanks for stopping by and please help spread the word that we are here!


  6. Dear Shawn. Once again, I would like to say thanks for building this website. Over all, the site is well-designed as I can tell.

    It seems there is a lot to learn from it. I will sign up so that I get the updates whenever you post something new.


    1. Hi, John!

      Thanks for stopping back and please do sign up and share our site with your social friends. You never know when one of them may need our help1


  7. Hi Shawn,
    Nice website and great information right there. Indeed, many of us want to get out of debt but find ourselves looking for more debt. This vicious cycle needs simple but tough strategies on the part of the one who has them in plenty. Discipline NOT to take new debts when we get into no so crucial situations must be set in place.
    Thanks for your advise on online loans. They seem to be within reach, but they are more of snares the they are helpful. And the interest is usually again too high after all. It’s better to seek alternative channels in emergencies.

    1. I so agree with you on searching out other options.

      The cycle is vicious and they entice the borrowers with instant cash and it is hard to walk away when you are hurting for money.

      Thanks for stopping by and please spread the word that we arew here!


  8. Dear Shawn, your site is great. The design is simple and readable. Your content is also presented in a logical manner. I have learned a lot of things from your site about avoiding the holiday payday loans.

    I hope for more content from your site. I will try to visit if I can.

    What is the easy way for me to keep in touch with you?

    1. Hi, John!

      The best way to stay on top of new posts is to sign up for the email updates. We send one out every time we add content!

      Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon!


  9. Hi Shawn

    I think people really need to understand what they are getting themselves into when taking out one of these loans. Your post is definitely helpful. My step son took out one of these loans and it got so far out of control, he simply could not pay it back. The experience ruined his credit.

    It is unfortunate that not all states put a ban these loans. Even though these companies will find a way to do business even if they are banned, I think as a consumer I might think twice if I see that my state has put a ban on them.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi, Kellie!

      I am so sorry your son had to learn the and way on these things.

      He is not alone as many get caught this time of year and I am just hoping we can help make a difference for some of them 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and please help spread the word that we ae here!


  10. Shawn,

    It’s amazing what some of these loan “companies” will do to line their pockets. I know that in the financial industry, employees are often pushed to use gimmicky tactics to lure people in.

    I wasn’t very familiar with payday loans before reading this article, but you’ve sure educated me on the subject. The information that you have here on your website is invaluable.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi, Bryan!

      Glad the article helped educate you on a very touchy subject.

      They have no cares about the borrowers whatsoever it seems except to collect their money!

      Please help spread the word that we are available to help anyone who needs it 🙂


  11. This is a good article. It is important for people to know that payday loans are only a LAST POSSIBLE RESORT.
    There are so many stories of people who get a small payday loan and have to pay incredibly high interest rates if they miss or are late for a payment.

    1. Hi,Alex!

      The most heartbreaking stories are the ones where people loose their jobs and possesions because of these loans and they simply do not have to do that.

      They need to contact us and let us take care of their payday loan debt for them!

      Thanks for stopping by and please help spread the word that we are here!


  12. Hi, thank you for that amazing post, it’s really amazing and practical as well.
    As I am not living in USA It’s a bit strange for me, but how is it possible? I mean how some banks do that while it is not legal. It means they are doing against the law so how can they continue with their job?
    Good luck and best wishes.

    1. Hi, Kaveh!

      Most people do not realize these companies are not banks at all. Most of them are simply rich men who like to make large amounts of money in a short period of time.

      I have known a couple and believe me, they do not care about any of the hardships they cause.

      Thanks for stopping by and please spread the word that we are here!


  13. I like this article. It’s informative and has practical application as well as tying it into the holidays being upon us.

    I have been a victim of predatory lending. I’ve also borrowed from a place that wasn’t allowed to do business in my state. I of course didn’t know it and didn’t find out until later. When I did I stopped paying them back.

    I think payday loans are good short term for emergencies but not long term. People get caught up in the payday loan cycle and can’t get out.

    You offer them help on how to borrow responsibly. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Rawi!

      Glad you got out of that mess as good as you did!

      It can get to be a real drag when you finally realize how buried you really are.

      The best way to use these loans are to not use them at all!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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