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Is An Income Tax Refund Advance Loan Wise?

income tax refund advance loanBy Shawn Lee Martin

We get asked many questions around tax refund time every year and the most common question is: “Is An Income Tax Advance Refund Loan Wise?

Our answer to this depends on several variables including what the advance would be spent on and how much it will cost to get the advance.

This article will cover tax refunds and whether taking out tax refund advance loans is a wise idea.

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I Can’t Pay My Payday Loans!

By Shawn Lee Martin

i cant pay my payday loans I talk a lot about calls we get here at “Help With Payday Loan Debt” on this blog because the stories are all believable and true like the one I got today that started with Alicia hollering to me over the phone: “I can’t pay my payday loans!”

Now there is really nothing easier than repeating the stories on this blog as they unfolded with our clients as it not only makes good reading and it is honest and helpful but there is also another reason!

The best part is many times new visitors that read these stories are living in the exact situation they are reading about and this makes them understand we know what they are going through!

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Get Help For Payday Loans Today!

By Shawn Lee Martin

help with payday loans

I told John to relax, take a deep breath and tell me exactly what was going on. and that yes, I could help him right away but first I needed to know what kind of help he needed.

He hollered “Your website says I can get help with payday loan debt today and boy do I need it!”

I answered that yes, I could help him right away but again, first I needed to know what kind of help he needed.

He finally started breathing a  bit slower and started to tell me his story, and as I listened I could have written this story myself because I had heard it so many times from so many of our clients.

Not only could I have written it but I had lived it!

I had experienced a very similar story myself when I was on the wrong side of these payday loans and this was a huge driving source for me building this site and helping people with similar issues with payday loan debt.

Kick your feet back and have a read!

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How To Get Out Of Payday Loans Legally

By Shawn Lee Martin

how to get out of payday loans legallyThere are at least three different paths to take when figuring out how to get out of payday loans legally and they all accomplish the same goal, getting rid of payday loan debt.

But that is that is where they part ways!

Let’s take a look at the three most travelled paths people take when they find themselves buried in payday loan debt!

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We Can Help With Payday Loan Payments!

By Shawn Lee Martin

help with payday loan payments
We Can Help!

I answered the phone the other day and heard a lady moaning “I need help with payday loan payments today! Can you help me?”

Well, I told them as a matter of fact, yes I could help them, and I could get started doing it right away!

I immediately heard a sigh of relief and a quite “Thank God” and I smiled.

These kinds of phone calls come every day here at Help With Payday Loan Debt and we take them very seriously.

We understand what it feels like to be buried in payday loan debt and having the collectors calling and threatening every waking hour because we have been in those same shoes at one time or another in the past.

Let me share some more interesting phone calls we have received and how we helped the people making them!

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