Can Payday Loan Companies Sue You?

By Shawn Lee Martin

Court Room
Court Room

When it comes to payday loan debt he question going around this time of year is always the same. “Can payday loan companies sue you?”

It is a complicated question.

First off, anyone can sue anybody for anything in the world today.

The better question is can the payday loan companies win?

That answer is even a bit more complicated.Lets take a look at these questions.

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Can you be sued?

Homeless man and Dog
Homeless man and Dog

The answer is a simple yes

. These companies can sue you but most of the time they are much happier just constantly harassing you non stop.

They will actually make more money by getting you to keep coming up with the late fees and barely applying any real money to the principal of the loan.

They would not hesitate to have you sell everything you own and give the money to them leaving you homeless.

Sound harsh? If anything we are being kind here, they are ruthless.

Let’s take a look at some of their tactics after you have defaulted on your payday loans:

  • Constant calls to you, all of your reference and place of employment.
  • Constant threats of court action
  • Accumulation of incredible high late interest charges
  • Continued charges of overdrafts to your bank. (Yes, your bank can sue you for these.)

These are just some of the things they will and do resort to when trying to collect their loans.


The chances of these companies actually getting you in a court room are not very good, as they will not spend the money to do it.

What they will do is constantly harass you at all times of the day and night, and this is not acceptable.

Let us help you get these dogs off your grass and out of your life, stop all of this activity and even get some if not all of that interest waved!

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Remember, the only good payday loan out there is one that is paid in full!

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