Should I use My Tax Refund For Payday Loans?


tax return for payday loansThis time of year people are always wondering should I use my tax refund for payday loans or should I just keep making payments on them?

We have a simple and direct answer to them, NO!

We see people do this every year and a person can use this money in much better ways and accomplish paying off those payday loans all at the same time!

Let’s take a look at how e can take a tax refund and turn it into a goldmine of help!

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National Payday Loan Relief Is Trending Again!

national debt reliefThe internet makes doing business so much easier than in the past!

We check it daily to see if any news on payday loans is trending and National Payday Loan Relief is there again.

This phrase pops up every other day and this tells us there are many people here in the USA who are in need of help with payday loan debt!

Unfortunately, there are many companies that are payday loan debt relief scams and they are taking advantage of people who are already in trouble.

We thought we would explore this topic for the sake of enlightening people on what is real and what is fake.

How many of you may have been approached or even taken by these scam artists?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways they can get you!

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Will New Payday Loan Laws Be Rolled back?

new payday loan lawsThe latest word on The new payday loan laws is not looking very good for the consumers.

Just as the new laws were gearing up to start protecting borrowers they seem to have been put on temporarily on hold by the Trump Administration.

Let’s take a look at what is going on!

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Payday Loan Debt In South Dakota Is Second Highest In Nation!

payday loan debt inOut of fifty states payday loan debt in South Dakota comes in the second costliest!

That means there is only one other state in the union that has a higher interest rate than South Dakota for their payday loans and that state is Idaho.

How does your state rank and is there anything a person can do to fight back against these companies and their crazy interest rates?

Let’s take a look at the reasons for these rates and what a consumer can do to fight back!

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Payday Loan Debt Help For Everyone Has Arrived

Payday Loan Debt Help ForWith so many stores closing and businesses downsizing the demand for payday loans is skyrocketing and along with that we also need payday loan debt help for everyone.

It is so easy to get caught in the payday loan trap and having a safety net to fall back on is priceless!

Because the demand for these loan services is rising and jobs are disappearing daily we felt the need to post an article with tips on how to avoid “The Trap” and where to get help if you are already caught in a payday loan trap!

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