Texas And Payday Loans: Get Debt Help That Works!

By Shawn Lee Martin

CashWe receive calls by so many people contacting us about Texas and payday loans every day.

These people are deep in debt to these payday loan companies and looking for any help they can find to eliminate their payday loan debt!

The number of people who use payday loans in Texas is growing daily and one out of every 8 people are using them monthly!

This is turning into a huge debt problem as more and more loans are getting taken out daily.

Many people are defaulting on multiple payday loans and collections are in full force by the loan companies!

Clients are getting threatened with legal action and worse and we can not stand by without informing them that they can get help with a simple phone call!

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Are Pawn Shop Payday Loans Smart Loans?

By Shawn Lee Martin

pawn shop payday loanWhen we first found out that pawn shop payday loans were the new thing we scratched our heads and had to ask ourselves why the pawn shops were going into the payday loan business.

When we started running the numbers we were stunned!

It made complete sense that they would choose this type of service to offer considering the huge profits involved in these loans.

Since the pawn shops will be offering both types of loans his article will explore them and how they stack up against each other, which is better and why.

Let’s start with payday loans!

Need Help With payday Loan Debt?

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I Need Payday Loan Help Paying Off Debts!

By Shawn Lee Martin

I Need Payday Loan Help Paying Off Debts

We are asked some interesting questions every day and today we received a call from a frantic man hollering: I need payday loan help paying off my debts!”

I had to smile and think to myself at least this gentleman was smart enough to reach out and call for help.

By raising the courage to ask for help he could now call this his lucky day because he will save a ton of money and get rid of his payday loan debt completely!

How can that happen you ask?

This article will explain what will happen now that he called us and asked us to deal with his payday loan debt!

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Is An Income Tax Refund Advance Loan Wise?

income tax refund advance loanBy Shawn Lee Martin

We get asked many questions around tax refund time every year and the most common question is: “Is An Income Tax Advance Refund Loan Wise?

Our answer to this depends on several variables including what the advance would be spent on and how much it will cost to get the advance.

This article will cover tax refunds and whether taking out tax refund advance loans is a wise idea.

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Get Help For Payday Loans Today!

By Shawn Lee Martin

help with payday loans

I told John to relax, take a deep breath and tell me exactly what was going on. and that yes, I could help him right away but first I needed to know what kind of help he needed.

He hollered “Your website says I can get help with payday loan debt today and boy do I need it!”

I answered that yes, I could help him right away but again, first I needed to know what kind of help he needed.

He finally started breathing a  bit slower and started to tell me his story, and as I listened I could have written this story myself because I had heard it so many times from so many of our clients.

Not only could I have written it but I had lived it!

I had experienced a very similar story myself when I was on the wrong side of these payday loans and this was a huge driving source for me building this site and helping people with similar issues with payday loan debt.

Kick your feet back and have a read!

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