How To Deal With Payday loan debt In Idaho

how to deal with payday loan debt inWe understand why people are calling us and asking how to deal with payday loan debt in Idaho.

It is understandable because this state has the second highest payday loan interest rates in the nation and with no cap in place on what the payday loan companies can charge the debt can add up quickly and become huge in no time at all!

I am glad to say we have a solid answer to that question that people in Idaho with payday loan debt will like!

Let’s explore just how we deal with payday loan debt in Idaho and any other state for that matter and how we can turn payday loan debt into a thing of the past for anyone who needs help dealing with it!

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Can You really Afford The Average Payday Loan Interest Rate?

Average Payday Loan Interest RateI always ask if people can really afford the average payday loan interest on a payday loan when I hear they are thinking of or actually taking one out.

Most have no idea what that number even is, and when they find out it simply blows their minds!

If you have payday loans or are thinking about taking one out do you know the average payday loan interest rate?

If the answer is no don’t feel bad, you have lots of company!

Let’s take a look at the numbers and the 5 states highest interest rates for these loans!

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Payday Loan Consolidation Help Starts Here

By Shawn Lee Martin

Payday Loan Consolidation HelpAs more and more retail stores shut down and companies downsize, people are finding themselves out of work, short on cash and in need of payday loan consolidation help!

Outstanding payday loans, collectors calling and legal action being threatened can really bring a person down fast!

We would like to assure everyone in the USA who may need help with this kind of debt that it is available and you can get started right here!

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Payday Loan Industry News: Election Fraud?

By Shawn Lee Martin

payday-loan-industry-newsIn the latest payday loan industry news, we find some interesting developments in more than one race.

In an election year that is wrought with claims of lying, cheating and all around crazy behavior in the race for president, an interesting twist has developed in at least a couple of campaigns involving the payday loan industry and politicians behavior.

We have known and reported countless times that the payday loan industry has used their influence by helping politicians get elected in return for favors.

This comes with a price to both the politician and the users of these services as the favors are usually in helping the payday loan companies continue with their outrageous profits while having little regard for the safety and well-being of their clients.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening in a couple of local campaigns around the country.

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Payday Loan Rules And Regulations Still Too Weak?

By Shawn Lee Martin


New rules that went into effect this last spring brought on by the Consumer Protection Bureau have been touted as great progress!

They are helping make payday loans less risky but are the new payday loan rules and regulations still too weak?

Many are concerned they have not taken their efforts far enough.

In this article, we will explore these new rules and regulations, what they are and how they may affect the use of payday loans and if they are strong enough to make a difference in today’s borrowing trends.

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