Christmas Payday Loan

By Shawn Lee Martin

Christmas Crunch!
Christmas Crunch!

The holidays are here again, and many people are on their way to getting what we call a Christmas payday loan.

Cash is short and Christmas is right around the corner so what better way to raise the cash needed to put presents under the tree for everyone?

Think twice about this move as it can and usually will come back and haunt you for months to come, sometimes longer.

When faced with a shortage of cash one of the last places anyone should go to is a payday loan business.

They will help spread the cheer for months to come and your gift from them is to put you in the poor house.

We can clear up your cash flow by eliminating your payday debt.

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Why no loan?

The list of reasons is a long one to not get a holiday payday loan and it was created by people who went through some pretty tough times after going ahead and getting one of these loans to finance their Christmas.

They can tell you better than I can what it was like dealing with this.

Let’s take a look at a few stories.

Margret M.:

“I took out an online payday loan to cover the shortage of cash I was having to cover the cost of this years holiday.

It was a simple $500.00 loan that was deposited into my checking account and of course since I was getting it the same day my mind was completely on how I was going to spend it, not how it was to be paid back.

I dropped the ball and missed half of their instructions, thus it took until July to get the loan paid back.

When all was said and done this loan ended up costing me $1800.00 in interest, $210.00 in overdraft fees, the original $500.00 for a grand total of $2600.00 for one day of joy. Ho ho ho indeed!”

Then there was Kyle P:

“I really thought last years Christmas would be my best since moving in with my girlfriend. I was making pretty good money and we were both living away from home so we would only be buying gifts for each other.

I took out a $300.00 payday loan that covered the week of Christmas nicely and we had a very good time.

Then the car decided to quit and being my only transportation to and from work, of course it had to be fixed so here came payday loan number two.

My next payday rolled around and I soon realized I did not have enough money to cover the interest alone of the two payday loans and the rest of the house bills, so, yep, a quick online payday loan.

To make a long story short they all defaulted in March and collections started.

It is now September and I am getting calls at home, work, to all of my references, parents, brothers and anyone else who even knows me from the loan companies.

I am being taken to court for the outstanding balances and the interest is still compounding daily.

I now owe thousands and my bank account has been closed.

I am skipping Christmas this year!”

How about Melissa M.

“When I found out I could borrow $500.00 online right before Christmas last year and have it in my checking account the next day I was sold!

I could pay this back my next payday.

It would be tight but the loan company did say I could roll the loan over for another two weeks If I could not cover the whole balance due.

Now I could have a good Christmas with my daughter!

As with most of lifes’ lessons I was about to get the eye opener of a lifetime! Not only did I end up rolling that loan over, I rolled it over at the tune of $150.00 a roll over 13 times!

6 months and $1950.00 in roll over interest later there I was still owing the original $500.00 and the current $150.00 two week interest!

I was trapped with no way out!”.


Thankfully Melissa, Kyle and Margaret where lucky and found us. We did get them out of their financial nightmares with these companies and they are now on much happier people!

If you have out of control payday loan debt let us help get you back on your feet and eliminate these companies from your life!

We can stop the collections, reduce the debt and negotiate a low bi-monthly or monthly payment you can afford without any kind of roll-overs!

Do not follow in these people’s footsteps and end up regretting your Christmas payday loan.

Keep Christmas as an asert in your life, not a liability.

Merry Christmas!

We can clear up your cash flow by eliminating your payday debt.

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