Editorial: Time to start cracking down on payday loans

By Shawn Martin

California public sevantsI urge people who are really serious about cleaning up our public servants behavior to demand they start cracking down on payday loans.

Now to the average person, that statement does not make sense but if you look at it closely you will see some interesting facts.

Let’s explore a bit into the efforts of some of our elected officials in the task of backing the payday loan industry.

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How low is too low

Reverend Susan McCann
Reverend Susan McCann

In Springfield MO last year, the Reverend  Susan McCann tried unsuccessfully to get people to sign a ban to eliminate payday loans in MO

Every time she tried to talk to someone, a man was there to scream liar over and over. Of course he was hired by the payday loan industry to make sure she did not succeed. This is the same industry many of our elected officials are backing.

Sen. Ron Calderon from California is allegedly one of the key backers of this industry, and according to the editorial board of the Sacramento Bee he was a key figure in opposing regulation of the payday loan industry. He is now facing some serious allegations of taking money in return for his support.


While 17 states and the military have already banned payday loans, there are still many states where they are alive and well, and it is time to hold our elected officials accountable for the companies they support.

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What are your states views concerning these loans?

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