Get Out Of payday Loan Hell Today!

payday loan hellAre you wanting to get out of payday loan hell today?

We have great news that will make your day and we can not wait to share it with you!

We can help each and every person who is buried in payday loan debt not only get out of this crazy debt trap but also ensure you do it for a fraction of what you owe and that is always a good thing, right?

I know you are asking yourself how we can do this and that is a very valid question. so let’s explore what we do and how we do it!

Before we get into the details take a look at just how out of control this type of debt is by checking out this awesome sites article on Payday Loans Statistics

When you finish checking out the stats come on back and we will show you how we can help you with your payday loan debt!

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Are We For Real?

Saving money and getting these collectors off your back as soon as possible sounds too good to be true but it really is true and it is our one and only goal when taking on new clients!

In fact, not only is it true but it is also available to anyone who lives in the USA and has payday loan debt!

Now I know that would get your attention!

Add to that the very best part!

Everyone qualifies and we can start the process today!

These loans are so out of control that people have been driven to the point of selling their houses, pawning all of their belongings, borrowing more money and taking out more loans to make the current payments, and even ending up getting divorced!

As sad as it is to have to say this, some are even ending up committing suicide over a stupid debt and this is just such a waste of life!

This is simply not alright with us and people needing help with this debt must have a way to fight back and that is what we do, fight back for you!

We must make sure we remember that when it comes to debt it is always temporary and there is always a solution and drastic action is never the best option so we make sure right out of the gate we slow people down and try to get them to take a few deep breaths and look at all of the available options before taking any action!

Once we get everyone calmed down then we explain how we can help!

The biggest point we want to make right away with any new clients is we are on your side and we are going to treat your account just like it was our own personal situation!

This is a pretty good business plan to have and because of this, we make the promise of being honest and doing everything we can to get you out of debt and save you a ton of money while doing it!

How do we do it you ask?

Well, let’s take a look!

What We Do

We are a payday loan consolidation company and we work with the payday loan companies daily.

The first thing we do after accepting a client is to stop all collection activity. This includes phone calls at home and at work and to your references given at the time you took out the loan or loans, any legal action being taken for collection of past payday loan debt and any other collection activity that may be happening.

We then negotiate away much of the outstanding interest owed and this can end up being up to 75% of the outstanding balance on any given loan and we stop the interest from accruing.

If more that one loan is owed we will do this for each loan regardless of them all being with one borrower or several.

We then consolidate all of these into one affordable weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly payment that you can afford!

How We Satisfy The Loans

get out of payday loan hellOnce we have all the loans consolidated, the payback amount figured out and the payment plan set up with you we will then make all your payments for you and did I forget to mention, once you sign up with us you will no longer have to have any contact with these companies again, we will do all of the talking for you!

That is correct, once you decide to use our service your contact with these companies completely goes away and we do it all for you!

We want to eliminate your payday loan debt completely within 18 months and our payment plans reflect this when we set them up so we can stretch your payments out to where you can have some breathing room out of your paychecks for other needs like monthly bills and food and still get this done in a timely manner!

And you do not have to worry about being bothered by these companies again, as we will do all the communicating for you!

Imagine no more phone calls, threats or collection hassles!

Here is a great video on why we should avoid these loans in the future at all costs and his point of view is very much valid!


We can all agree that having this kind of stuff hanging over your head does nothing but cause stress and desperation and it is time for this to go away today!

We can get started right away at getting your piece of mind back for you and we would love to see you smile again!

So what are you waiting for?

Call us at 1.877.280.5100 or fill out of no obligation form for a free quote today and we can get those collectors off your back and get them off for good!

We know the feeling of being in debt with defaulted payday loans as all of us here at “Help With Payday Loan Debt” have been in your situation so we take this very personal!

We love it when we can help someone out of these messes with the most savings possible and see them happy again so let’s make you happy today!

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8 thoughts on “Get Out Of payday Loan Hell Today!”

  1. This is great! Payday loan is something that may be like a salvation at the time but it  becomes a endless burden. It doesn’t help to improve a financial situation. I think the services you are providing is awesome and it will help many people. Giving us an easier way to pay with less stress.

    So, thanks a lot 

    1. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the article!

      We are just happy to be of service to those who are in need!


  2. Loving the service that you are providing. Loans, especially student loans, are something that almost my entire generation has had to deal with. It can be a real life changer. Something like the service you promise could be an immense help to this generation. I’m even curious myself as to what it could do for me. Cheers.

    1. Hi, Charlie!

      Give us a call and we can talk about your situation!

      Thanks for stopping by and we agree out of control loan debt is a major problem today and that is why we are here!


  3. Great and helpful website. I see you have a lot of comments shown on your widget area. Perhaps lowering the number shown on your widget area will create more space for widgets and it will visually look better.

    But anyway, really helpful article and I hope you will continue working on your website to bring more articles and updates. Enjoy and have a good day 🙂

    1. Hi, Max!

      Thanks for stopping by and your suggestions!

      I hope all is going well for you and if you ever need our help know we are here!


  4. This sounds like a pretty good service. I know payday loans can hit you up with up to 400% APR ( which should be against the law!) and anyone who is desperate enough to take one out probably doesn’t have much of a chance to get their loan paid off in a reasonable amount of time.
    And stopping the constant calling of creditors would be a nice touch also.
    Great info and I’ll pass it along to someone I know who is caught up in one of these loans.

    1. Hi, David!

      Thanks for passing word around for us!

      I agree with you on getting the collectors to stop calling, The sooner the better on that one!


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