Google Payday Loans – No Paid Ads!

By Shawn Lee Martin

google payday loans
Starting July 13th You Will No Longer Get Paid Ads When You Google Payday Loans!

This is a great and happy day for people like us who help people with their payday loan debt because as of July 13th, 2016 when you Google payday loans you will no longer see any paid ads in the top results or the side bars!

One might think that we, being a business that would not exist if it were not for payday loan debt should not be happy about this but yet we are!

Let me explain!

We see first hand what people go through when they get trapped in payday loan debt and most of the stories have very bad endings when these people try to get out of the trap without obtaining help like we offer as most people are not aware there is help available.

We have made it our mission to be here to help people until payday loans no longer exist and then we will move on to another area where we can be of service to people.

Thus, we are always happy to see a big hit like Google is putting to the industry because there simply are too many sources of obtaining access to these loans already without seeing them all over Google search results.

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Googles Stance

Google states that they are banning all paid payday loan ads in response to growing concerns by advocate groups that these companies are exploiting the poor and underprivileged by granting easy access to cash with crazy interest rates on the payback amounts.

They are also aware of the efforts of some states to limit these loans and cap their interest rates with little to no success.

By having a global entity like Google take this stance really makes a statement about what is right in Googles eyes and we like it!

Facebooks Policy

google payday loan
We Salute Facebook On Their Payday Loan Stance!

Facebook is the only other global entity that bans payday loan ads and they take it a step further by banning any content whatsoever promoting this industry.

This in our opinion is the only way to combat these companies as they disregard local state laws and never play by any fair rules.

They do not need to be advertising where they are illegal.

We salute Facebook on this one and hope others will follow suit as Google seems to be doing in a step by step process but being a search engine makes a complete ban very difficult.

Google Search Results

You will still find payday loans in the search results when you are searching for them as Google is not completely banning them from the results as this would defeat their purpose of being a search engine, but they are banning them from the paid ads.

That means a payday loan company who creates page one content in the organic search results of a given payday loan keyword or keyword phrase will still have access to many thousands of potential customers daily so expect to see some interesting developments in payday loan content SEO departments.

The way it is now a company can just create a very relative PPC ad through Google and get premium ranking without regard to the content.

In other words, the content does not need to be much more than a landing page that sells payday loans.

Now for these guys to get that kind of reach they will have to be getting their content onto page one of the search results on content alone and this becomes a much more difficult task.

Thus, there may be some new job openings for some really good SEO people around this industry.


Many people are fighting for the poor and underprivileged when it comes to these kinds of loans and some are making a difference!

Because of the single states like New York and others and also because of the advocacy groups who are making noise about these loans things are slowly changing in this industry.

Little people can make a difference as it did in this instance with Googles choices and we want to encourage any and all to stand up and be heard.

Maybe someday soon we can wipe out these loans completely!

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6 thoughts on “Google Payday Loans – No Paid Ads!”

  1. Nice article! Well written. I can say i am a fan of Google and Facebook having a stance on this topic. Payday loan companies have used exploitation of less fortunate people for monetary gain with out feeling guilty. Banning them from paid advertisements means they wont be spending money; but also entails less exposure. In Canada the rules are tighter on them and I find the companies do not flourish as well here as they do in USA.

    Keep Up the good work!

    1. Hi, Peter!

      I know what you mean about Canada’s laws, we here in the USA could learn a few things about that for you people!

      Thanks for stopping by and please help spread the word that we are here to help anyone who needs it with payday loan debt!


  2. Excellent Niche’. There people out there that wake up in the morning just to rip people off. Debt restructuring is a great way to help people with their everyday lives. I am also happy to find out that Google no longer supports PAY DAY loans. I think it is a great initiative. Wish u luck with your future.

  3. I am very happy with Googles decision to stop paid advertising by payday loan companies. I think that payday loan companies do exploit the poor by knowing that they live paycheck to paycheck and persuading them to getting into more debt than they can handle. Are you happy about this decision?

    1. Hi, Kevin!

      I am happy, yes. They will still have their ads there, they will just have to work harder to get them seen.


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