Help From Payday Loans – Not From Lenders!

By Shawn Lee Martin

help from payday loans
Screaming for help!

If you are looking for help from payday loans, do not turn to the lenders as they will not bother offering you any.

They will not help you in any way if you are in trouble with payday loan debt.

All they will offer you is another payday loan to cover the payments of the one you are in trouble with, or they will offer you their roll over service.

This service is designed to get you trapped in the payday loan trap and is set up for maximum profits for the lenders.

Pretty bleak outlook for anyone who has out of control payday loan debt, right?

Well, not so fast here, we have options for you and would love to share them!

See How We Deal With Out Of Control Payday Loan Debt!

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Believe it or not you do have options and we are one of them.

We offer a payday loan consolidation service that will help anyone with out of control payday loan debt and we can start as soon as you fill out this form!

The above link will take you to our free no obligation quote form and by filling that out you will start the process of eliminating your payday loan debt at about a third of the cost it would take for you to do it alone.

What We Do

dirty hands
Let us get OUR hands dirty for YOU!

What we can do for you once you fill out our form or give us a call is we get our hands dirty by starting the process of correcting your defaulted debt.

We pretty much take over your loan or loans and we start the dirty work of getting you the most relief, easiest payback arrangement and all around grant you some major stress relief!

We will:

  • Stop all interest in its tracks
  • Stop all collection activity
  • Stop all legal actions
  • Condense multiple loans regardless of different lenders
  • Take over your payday loan debt and negotiate a payback amount that will save you up to 50% or more of your original outstanding balance.
  • Set up one low manageable bi-weekly and in some cases monthly payment.

Once you contact us you will no longer have to deal directly with these companies. We will deal with them and do all the work, you just sit back a breathe a sigh of relief!


Out of control payday loan debt is a mind eating cancer that we make a mission out of dealing with so you can have some peace of mind.

The loan companies only offer you threats and ways to get you farther and farther in debt and are really are no help at all in reducing and eliminating your debt.

If you have out of control payday loan debt you qualify from our help and let us take your loans over and give you some relief from the day to day worries these companies lay on you.

Give yourself a break and let us do the dirty work!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope we can help you get back a bit of peace of mind when it comes to your personal finances!
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See How We Deal With Out Of Control Payday Loan Debt!

>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<

40 thoughts on “Help From Payday Loans – Not From Lenders!”

  1. It’s good to know there are options if someone is in payday loan trouble.

    Because of the high-interest rates these loans have and the fees and penalties too, plus the fact that most people who need payday loans don’t have any money to start with it becomes so easy to get trapped.

    Help starts with filling out the form on this site. What could be easier?

    1. Hi!

      Yes, it really is that easy and we take the heat off immediatly!

      Help spread the word that we are here!


  2. I love reading your articles! I know someone who got into trouble with the pay day loan. I feel so bad for them. They became suicidal and that is sad. They gave up and defaulted and feel so lost. They can not get a car or nothing now. If someone is behind and you help them, do you help with the credit problems from it? Do you have someone you suggest to them to straighten it out with the credit bureau?

    1. Hi, Tammy!

      Yes, we do offer access to how to clean up credit and how to buget better and similar tools to help people make their dollars stretch farther.

      Suicide has been the results of quite a few people who were behind on these kinds of loans and to us this is just inexcusable!

      We can take all that pressure off immediately with one phone call, so no person should ever have to go through that!

      Help spresd the word that we are here and we are their best alternative in ellimimating their payday loan debt!


  3. Hi Shawn.

    I think that’s a real plus when you do the “dirty work” on behalf of clients who are in debt. I imagine it would be a long and burdensome process on them. I wonder, do you charge a fee if someone wants to sign up for your program?

  4. This was a really informative post.

    You’re right!

    Payday loans aren’t a solution for solving debt issue and they just make people lives worse over the time.

    In this climate, I think you are going to find that there are thousands of people who could benefit from your help.

    The list of benefits that you laid out will surely bring peace of mind to these people struggling with debt.

    Good work.

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for stopping by and the great comments!

      I hope we can reach everyone that needs the help, that is our mission statrement.

      Help spread the word!


  5. Wow, these payday loans really put a black mark on one’s financial record. I am a great believer in capitalism and these payday loans seem to contradict the fundamental rules used to create and perpetuate a healthy economy.

    Stopping the interest and saving the debtor fifty percent are very nice services. I’ve never obtained a PayDay loan, however, if I ever got into this trap, I would come to this site for help.

    Thanks for this information. I hope you’re able to help a lot of people.

    1. Hi there!

      They can leave a pretty big trail of destruction for sure!

      I am always happy to help anyone who may need it with their payday loan debt and if you ever need help or have any friends or family who may get caught in one of these traps, please send them by!


  6. Shawn. Nice work. You’ve covered most all the bases with this site, and show in various ways how this program can help. this seems like a good niche, as there are more people in this situation than most of us realize. You have a good listing of posts and the comments you’ve garnered are well written and several seem to really make the case for/with you. With 30 years in sales, I should have more of an opinion about you having the form and sign up opportunity on your landing page. It’s often said you should make your case first, getting agreement as you go, then use “implied consent” (they agree with everything you’ve said) to gently close. But his is a niche where people are probably more motivated than your average buyer. Anyway, nice job.

    1. Hi, Kush!

      Thanks for the kind comments!

      We just want to get everyone the help they need and when most come to our site they are in duress and looking for help quickly.

      Have an awesome holiday season!


  7. so what? do you pay someones det off for them and then have them pay you off at lower interest rates or something? Seems like a smart concept. sucks that people cant even wait till payday these days and it goes this far into debt to take car of buying something lol

    1. Hi!

      Yes, we take their loans over and negotiate a payoff amount much lower than the customer could get by themselves.

      Sometimes people are in need of medicine or a child is ill, etc….. The reasons can be many and sometimes they are valid and sometimes not.

      We do not judge. Our mission is to first help the client out of the debt and then educate them on how to not get back into the payday loan trap.

      Thanks for stopping by and please help spread the word that we are here!


  8. Hi Shawn,

    Great website you have for people that get behind on their payday loans and think the only way to fix it is by getting another loan. I had so many loans with high interest that I got to the point to where I could not even consolidate them. You are actually what I needed back in the day when I filed Bankruptcy but you are there for anybody to help them and that’s great.

    Yours Truly,


    1. Hi, Carlton!

      You story is very familiar to us and that is why we are here.

      We can help anyone avoid brankruptsy when it involves this kind of debt.

      Please help spread the word that we are here!


  9. Day in and day out I see in my town the payday loan store. It is interesting that I came across your site, which educated me enough not to ever (as much as I could) take a loan from there. The fact that they don’t work out a payment plan for you is distasteful. This I know will help think twice on payday loan, but even more if one is left to take a loan from payday; they could get help, “not from the lender” according to your site.

    1. Hi, Terrance!

      It is always best to not mess with them at all but sometimes we just end up in a bad place.

      We will be here if you ever need us!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  10. Hi Shawn, back again but now checking out a different post on your interesting site, It seems in most every message, you’re “driving home” some good points. But I couldn’t help but take notice of your reply concerning some people needing to “eliminate the stress and headache” by becoming more aware of the “whys” to stop the habit of getting stuck. Makes lots of sense to me…And just wondered, while helping people, does the company also give tips to prevent it from happening repeatedly?

    1. Hi, Bev!

      Yes, we try to cover both helping people get out of these loans and we also offer advice on how and why to stay away from them.

      Here is a section of our site that covers payday loan laws state by state.

      You can also find advice on what a payday loan trap is

      I hope you stop back and thanks so much for commenting!


  11. Hi Shawn,

    I just reviewd your site and I like the overall look and feel of it but I felt there were a couple of things that you could change to make it read a little better.

    1) You need a comma in this sentence to make it clear what you mean or re-word it for more clarity:
    ” If you are looking for help from payday loans(add comma here) the lenders will not bother offering you any.” O you can slightly reword it to: “If you are looking for help from payday loans, those lenders will not bother offering you any.

    I had to read your original line a couple of times to get your meaning.

    2) In the last sentence before your link at the bottom, that should read “peace of mind” instead of “piece of mind”.

    Overall though I think your site is really nice. Your choice of graphics and the layout are great. I really liked how colorful your page is as well. Your offer comes of as a genuine attempt to help people out of a bad situation.

    Best of luck with it,

    1. Hi, Sue!

      Thanks so much for the suggestions!

      Sometimes I get into a hurry trying to get the word out and this ends up happening 🙂

      Thanks for your compliments too!

      Time to do some editing 🙂


  12. These pay day loan companies sound really scary to get involved with. I know a lot of people do them and I understand that sometimes they are necessary but is there not another option for these people without the risk of these loans? or is is more about just being really careful which is where your advice comes in?

    1. Hi, Ruth!

      Actually, yes, banks and credit unions are starting to offer low interest short term loans for members.

      I hope they have huge success with this as the alternative really does stick!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  13. Hi Shawn:

    There so many people who are desperate to pay their bills or make that rent payment that they fall victim to the payday loan scams. They give you the money, but then the interest rates are so ridiculously high, no one can afford to pay them. And their solution is to offer you a secondary loan as you said and that only magnifies the problem and not solve it. When you do say “roll over” do you mean combining the loan with one top of it?

    I hear there are laws that protect victims of payday loan debt and many laws that protect the victim against harassment from these companies. Is that true? I am sure it must vary from state-to-state. I hear New York has the most pro-active laws for protecting consumers against harassing payday loan debt collectors. What is you just ignore them completely? Will they eventually go away and stop the harassment?

    Thank you Shawn for this article.

    1. Hi!

      A rollover is when the borrower just pays the interest and fees when the payment is due and then they roll over the original balance along with new interest and fees.

      The online companies really do not follow any laws when it comes to collection proactices and most of them are not in the couintry.

      I hope I covered your questions and if you have any more please ask away!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  14. Hi, Shawn. My name is John. I can recall that I have commented before on this, but it seems I cannot see my post, therefore, I am trying again.

    I will start with the design. To me, your site looks great. The heading photo illustrates the message, because it shows a hand that wants to erase the word, DEBT.

    I love the post and would like to read more from you.


    1. Hi, John!

      Go ahead and sign up for the newsletter and we will let you know by email every time we update the site 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


  15. Shawn,

    Thank you for such an informative post. I do not know anyone who is crippled by payday loan debt but I will bookmark your page to send people your way if they need help! One thing I noticed was the roll over service you mentioned. It’s terrible to see places not caring about other people and trapping them in debt like that! Thanks for such a professional post!

    1. Hi, Aaron!

      You are welcome and I agree it is a shame how these companies take advantage of the disadvantaged.

      Thanks for bookmarking the site and please do share us with anyone who needs help with payday loan debt!


  16. Hello, it’s the first I’ve seen a website dealing with payday loan debt on WA! Anyway, I think that your website is very Professional and informative, that the readers have a clear information about the products/services you are offering. I do believe that debt is a huge problem in our society and that we need people like you to get some help! Thank you for your work!

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for stopping by and for the compliments 🙂

      I agree we have a huge debt problem and we do need all the help we can find in dealing with this debt and we are more than happy to help out!

      Please pass the word that we are here for anyone who needs help!


  17. Hi Shawn,
    Getting these payday loans is too easy, no credit checks, you just get some money to tide you over. This can be useful if paid back quickly, but if not it can turn into a nightmare.
    It’s good to see you can help people to pay back their debts and stop them being hassled by these unscrupulous payday loan companies. When helping these people do you give them advice to stop them falling into the same downward spiral again?
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, Peter!

      yes, I make sure they understand what happened and how to avoid the traps in the future.

      They can be handy but they can also bury a person in serious debt in a very short time!

      Thanks for stopping by and please help spread the word that we are here!


  18. Thanks, Shawn for offering help from payday loans. The word really does need to get out that there is help out there. About twenty years ago I got myself into credit card debt and could not find a way out. Remember when you would get several credit card offers (I couldn’t resist) each day in the mail? Now I see these “payday loan” businesses popping up all over the place. They make it so easy for people to get themselves trapped in their vicious loan cycles. I would urge people to get the help that you offer before it is too late. Getting rid of the stress, the threats and having “piece of mind” will be well worth.

    1. Hi, Rick!

      I completely remember the credit card rush and I too got caught up in that but i learned my lesson and have not had credit card debt since that experience.

      The more people we can reach and educate the better, and if they do come to us already buried in debt we can help them with that also!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and please spread the word!


  19. HI Shawn, I like your site’s layout. Very nice and your post is easy to follow. I want to ask you, I have friend who has 10 credit cards, but he always swipe the card to buy something, which I think it is not important for him. Every month pay the card using the other card balance. For example, he takes money form CC A to pay CC B an d so on. Do you have any suggestion to let him stop to use CC and pay all his debt? thanks

    1. Hi Christian!

      The best thing he can do is stop using them completely and pay them up in full, even if he has to get a consolidation loan to do it and then cut them all up.

      A person really only needs one card with a credit line ion it and a debit card will take care of the rest.

      Thanks for stopping by and help spread the word that we hare here!


  20. It can be so difficult for people once they find themselves in these situations. I know the feeling only too well – when the debts start piling up and there’s all sorts of pressure coming from the various lenders. It can be very stressful juggling all your debtors – borrowing from Peter to pay Paul etc
    The only companies willing to give you any money are the pay day loan sharks. It might work as a once off short term solution but it can spiral out of control very quickly.

    It’s good to know that you could take all the stress and grief associated with these loans and make things easier for people by managing the debt on their behalf.

    1. Hi, Boyo!

      Yes, we can eliminate all the stress and headaches that gto along with these loans, but the more improtant part of this process is that people become aware of why they are gettign stuck in debt with these things and that they then correct their behavior!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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