How To Consolidate Payday Loans

Check out this article on how to consolidate payday loans!

Today’s post will be all about how to consolidate payday loans and break the chains that have tied you to this debt!

This has been a very popular topic with so many people getting buried in this kind of debt and we are happy to be able to help people out with this type of debt.

There are many companies out there, especially on the internet that make all kinds of promises to you about how they can eliminate your payday loan debt but then never deliver on those promises.

We would like to make this process safe and easy for you first by informing you about the differences between good and bad companies and second informing you how we can help you!

Let’s see how we can get your situation under control and get you smiling again by taking a look at what creates this debt and how we can fix that problem for you!

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The payday loan trap

When you acquire this type of debt you are almost always destined to end up in a payday loan trap.

The average person who takes out their first payday loan will end up renewing or extending that loan on average 4 times before they end up paying off the loan in full.

These loans are set up in this manner to make as much money off you as possible in the shortest amount of time.

As you probably know by now once you get behind you just keep getting deeper and deeper in debt and pretty soon it all comes crashing in on you.

All of a sudden the collectors are calling and threatening all kinds of nasty things to get you to give them money and none of this is necessary as long as you know who to call and why to call them.

That is where we can help by teaching you all about how to consolidate payday loan debt quickly and safely

The Promises

Most online consolidation companies are to be avoided at all costs as they are one step above the payday loan companies.

They will take your money and promise all kinds of results in getting your debt taken care of but they rarely deliver on those promises.

By exposing them here we can show people how to find a real legitimate company fo help by simply knowing the process and making sure that the company you pick is following that process.

Let us explain!

How consolidation works when done right

The first thing that needs to happen is for the company to take over your loans immediately and become the go-to between you and the collectors. This means you should from the minute the company accepts you never have to talk to the loan companies ever again.

The consolidation company now becomes you, in a sense, they are your spokesperson from this point on.

Now your spokesman will negotiate with your loan companies and their tasks will include:

  • stoping all collection activity
  • Stoping all legal activity
  • Stoping all interest from accruing
  • negotiating away most of that interest owed
  • setting up an affordable plan to pay back the new negotiated outstanding balance

After all of the above is accomplished, and this is usually within the first several days, they will have 6your debt under control, the payback amount drastically reduced, and an affordable payback schedule set up and in place and as quickly as that you have your peace of mind back!

But how do they accomplish all of this and how can you tell a good company from a bad one?

Good Verses bad consolidation companies

How a good company works is they establish a working relationship with the loan companies and by doing this they can represent you and be the go-between so you do not have to deal with the companies personally ever again.

How a bad company works is they will make you pay a high sign up fee and then sit on that money up to a month before they take action while you are still acquiring interest and receiving harassing calls from collectors and that simply is not alright in our eyes!

They then tend to drag their feet and work at their own speed regardless of how bad the collections activity is, and many times this has led to people ending up in legal trouble.

A good company acts right away because they know how distressing being on the bad end of these loans can be and they also know that every day this debt is active is another day of interest owed, and this adds up incredibly fast at these interest rates.

Because of this relationship with the loan holders we talked about earlier is in place the negotiator is able to stop all collection activity immediately.

They will then renegotiate your outstanding payday loan interest and in almost every situation get that outstanding interest reduced by up to 75 percent and sometimes even more.

They then set up an affordable monthly or bi-monthly payment plan that you can afford to eliminate the new outstanding balance, usually within 11 months.

That is all there is to it!


So, in summary, by filling out a free quote or calling us at 1-877-280-5100 you are able to stop all collections, never have to talk to the loan companies again, save a ton of money, and be able to afford the remaining payments to get rid of this payday loan debt forever!

This works for how many loans you have. If you have multiple loans they will all be combined and you will have only one payment to make!

Now it is time for you to act and stop that interest owed from growing any bigger!

Give yourself a break and get this started today, you deserve!

Take a look at our payday loan repayment plan and see how we can get you back on your feet in no time!

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