How To Deal With Payday loan debt In Idaho

how to deal with payday loan debt inWe understand why people are calling us and asking how to deal with payday loan debt in Idaho.

It is understandable because this state has the second highest payday loan interest rates in the nation and with no cap in place on what the payday loan companies can charge the debt can add up quickly and become huge in no time at all!

I am glad to say we have a solid answer to that question that people in Idaho with payday loan debt will like!

Let’s explore just how we deal with payday loan debt in Idaho and any other state for that matter and how we can turn payday loan debt into a thing of the past for anyone who needs help dealing with it!

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Losing Control

When you extend a payday loan for any reason or take out more than one to make the original loan payments you are walking down the road that leads to what we call out of control.

We call it that because payday loans are meant to be paid off in full on the first due date and any deviation from that plan automatically kick starts the payday loan trap into action, and we know that always leads to out of control!

This is accelerated in the states like Idaho that have no caps on what they can charge for interest rates, and Idaho is number two in the USA with the second highest interest rates charged to its customers.

Because of the huge interest rates in these states an extended loan or multiple loans that default can create a huge debt in very short time!

When this happens and the loan collectors start the harassing non-stop phone calls to everyone you know depression and desperation can set in pretty quickly.

This can lead to some very rushed and unwise decisions!

Losing control is a very real fear but fear not, we can give that control right back to you where it belongs!

Our Solution

solutionWe give you back complete control of your money and take away all the stress of the loan collectors all at the same time!

We understand how crazy these collectors can make you feel and we can relieve that craziness with a simple phone call from one of our professional negotiators to your loan company on your behalf.

See, we take over your loans and renegotiate the interest owed and the payback terms as soon as we get the OK from you to get it done!

If you want more info on how we can do this give us a call toll-free at 1-877-280-5100 or fill out our free quote form and we will get back to you with a plan that will work for you!


Payday loans can get out of control in Idaho and any other state and we understand things can come up and cause us serious problems with this kind of debt.

We have all been there and we can help you put this in the rear view mirror and we can do it right away!

Check us out and let us get your financial control back for you!

8 thoughts on “How To Deal With Payday loan debt In Idaho”

  1. Interesting article Shawn. I always thought this was only happening in my country where most government employees have never-ending loans. We get paid twice a month, either every 15th and 30th or on the 10th and 25th, depending on the company. Employee loans are automatically deductible every pay day so if you have a loan you won’t receive your salary in full.

    I think this is really a bad habit because even if people don’t actually need the money they still apply for a loan. It has become part of the system which is a very bad deal because of the high interest rates. You’re right, it’s a payday loan trap.

    1. Hi, Alice!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I agree it is a trap and a very expensive one if you do not know how to deal with these companies.

      I like the idea of the automatic payment method but then again you must be careful not to spend your whole paycheck!


  2. Great that you can help people in this circumstances! Losing control of the financial part is a horrible feeling and have a huge effect in so many ways, much more than “just” the financial one!
    Can you help people which are in problems in many places about financial or is better than it is few even so it is big problems?

  3. I don’t actually live in the U.S and thankfully never had to take a payday loan, but others I know have and it is always better to learn from the mistakes of others rather than your own. But I know how diificult it can be to pay off a credit card, as it easily gets out of control. It is good to know that there are people out there who are trying to help others pay off their loans

    1. Hi, John!

      Well, thanks for stopping by and sharing some good advice!

      We are here for anyone in the USA who may need help with this kind of debt and we are ready to start helping at a moments notice!


  4. Thankfully, I have never had to take a payday loan. I do know that the interest rates at these places are horrible. Worse than a credit card. So only if you are desperate for money now would you walk into these places. It’s easy to see where one would get themselves into problems easily with these places. If you can at all help it, don’t go there. If you already did and now are deeply in trouble, I would certainly look into getting these guys to help you.

    1. Hi, Jen!

      I like your thinking!

      Yes, we can help anyone with this kind of debt in the USA and we are here and ready to act!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing some great advice!

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