How To End Payday Loan Debt In A Hurry!

how to end payday loan debt in a hurryWe here at “Help With Payday Loan Debt” thought it was time to explore how to end payday loan debt in a hurry!

Why the rush?

Most of us who find ourselves in this kind of debt want out of it as quickly as possible!

Notice I used us because we too have been in this situation in the past, and we wanted it to end yesterday!

Let me share my story with you and maybe you will be able to relate to it!

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My Story

Shawn Lee MartinBefore I started this website I too found myself in a considerably large amount of payday loan debt.

I had taken out multiple online loans along with a couple storefront loans and I was desperately caught in the payday loan trap!

I was getting hit on one bank account by the online companies for the interest only and I was getting hit at another bank account from the storefront loans.

I was playing both of them against each other and losing badly!

I had finally defaulted on the storefront loans and they were calling every day at home and at work and they even called my references and told them I was not paying them!

They were threatening legal action any day!

The online loans were just as bad only they called every hour non-stop!

I was desperate for help and I needed it fast!

Help Arrives

After just about pawning everything I owned worth anything just to keep up with the online interest, I had finally had enough!

I was one of the lucky ones with payday loan debt, I found this company on my first try looking for help and they took care of me within the first day!

They stopped all of the phone calls and the legal action as soon as I signed up and within the next 24 hours had negotiated most of my interest away and set me up on an affordable 18-month payday loan repayment plan!

The best part was that as soon as I signed up with them they took over my loans, made my payments for me and I never had to communicate with the payday loan companies directly again!



Well, to make a long story short I doubled up and paid off the remaining balance of the negotiated repayment plan in 9 months instead of 18 months because I had the extra money now that I was not giving it all to the interest payments anymore and I have never looked back from that point!

I joined their team and built this website so I could help as many people as possible who were in similar situations as mine get rid of their payday loan debt!

Help is here for anyone who needs it so if you or anyone you know are in trouble with payday loan debt, fill out our free no obligation quote or call us toll-free at 1-877-280-5100 and let us eliminate YOUR payday loan debt in a hurry!

8 thoughts on “How To End Payday Loan Debt In A Hurry!”

  1. This is awesome! I love seeing such a good website helping people get out of debt. Especially such terrible debt as payday loan debt. I hope that this website can help people see the ridiculousness of payday loans. Keep up the good work! I will send people your way if I find someone struggling with this.

    1. Hi, Austin!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and offering to spread the word!

      We do try to teach people the proper way to use these loans, but many do not check them out thoroughly before the get one and end up getting burned!


  2. That’s awesome I don’t use payday loans my self but my soon to be wife has a problem with them.

    She keeps getting loans even when she have the money in her bank and then spend it on crap we don’t need.

    I keep telling her to stop it, I think she has eventually sunk in, she had out I think it was 5 loans at 1 point,
    3 of them where payday loans.

    she is now down to just 2, one is nearly out, and that will just leave the 5 grand loan to pay off, that loan was not a payday loan tho

    1. Hi, Thomas!

      Sounds like you two need to have a sit down with a financial counselor and set some good habits before you end up in serious financial trouble!

      The interest alone she is paying could be a great down payment on a new car or school tuition, etc… 🙂


  3. Hi Shawn,

    Thanks for sharing your story online. It makes the help more genuine when you know the person on the other side has been through the same situation and can relate to what you going through.

    Couple of questions. So do you contact the loan companies directly to stop the calls? What advice would you give to people to try and prevent them getting into this kind of trouble in the first place?


    1. Hi, James!

      Yes, we contact each loan company and negotiate a new deal.

      The best way to avoid trouble with these loans would be to avoid them but that is not always possible.

      I would recommend this article to learn how to safely use payday loans How To Use Payday Loans

      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Hello

    My wife and I found ourselves in a similar situation years ago. It was painful and seemed to be never ending. I wished this website existed back then. I didn’t think we would ever get rid of it. We would take out one payday loan to pay another one. It is truly a viscous cycle. Thank you for helping so many people. I will definitely refer you to any one I come across in this situation.

    1. Hi, Rod!

      Thanks for referring us if you find someone in need!

      I agree the cycle seems like it will never end! They just seem to want more and more and more!

      Thanks for stopping by and again, thanks for passing on the word!


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