How To Get Out Of Debt With Payday Loans

By Shawn Lee Martin

Don't jump off a cliff because of payday loan debt
Extreme Behavior

Before taking any drastic action with your payday loan debt I would like to recommend you take the time to learn all you can about how to get out of debt with payday loans.

These types of loans are making a real surge though the United States and there are now more payday loan store fronts than Starbucks and McDonald’s combined!

All you need is a pay stub and a day and you can have yourself a $500 to $1000  two week loan with a huge interest rate. It does not take very long to get buried in debt simply because these loans are not regulated thoroughly enough.

Many companies allow borrowers to take out more than one loan at a time whether it is legal or illegal in their particular state, or do not check with other payday loan companies to verify whether the borrower  has a payday loan taken out already and then when the borrower ends up going into default they pounce!

The lender threatens severe penalties including jail time if the borrower does not pay up immediately, all the while continuing to charge incredibly high interest rates usually by the week.

Before everyone runs out and sells the house or files bankruptcy I would like to quote my favorite quarterback with the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rogers, when he was asked about a sluggish start to this season.  “RELAX”
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Just chillen!

I know, easy for me to say while your phone is ringing off the hook at home and at work and at all of your references houses and places of work.

With constant threats and mounting interest it is real easy to start thinking about jumping off the deep end just to get rid of this harassment, but again, my advice is to RELAX.

Let me show you what we can do for you to help you be able to RELAX.

Thanks for sticking with me this far and now it is time to show you what you really need to do to get this debt under control and call off the wolves so to speak!

It is surprisingly easy and quick to get going, and it will relieve all the collection activity, all the phone calls and all the threats.

Payday Loan Consolidation

Payday loan consolidation is the simplest way to take care of all your payday loan debt, and we just happen to be affiliated with the number one accredited payday loan consolidation company on the net.

We will stop the harassing and threatening phone calls, stop the legal action and get the interest frozen and you will then be able to RELAX 🙂

We can then take over your debt and negotiate a repayment plan that both the loan companies and you can live with and you can afford.

Bi-weekly or monthly payments are no problem, and before you know it these payday loans will be gone!

Beware of scammers!

There are so many of these loan companies resorting to illegal and unreasonable collection tactics simply to scare the borrowers into continuing to pay the outrageous interest rates and loan payments.

But sadly they are not the only ones out for your money.

The new thing going around the payday loan circle is scammers using e mail and phone calls to scare you into making immediate payments over the phone.


These guys have nothing to do with the payday loan companies and all they want to do is scam you out of as much money they can convince you to send to them.

They will go as far as to threaten immediate legal action if you do not make a payment and many even impersonate lawyers.


Again, the best way to get out of debt with payday loans is to let a professional consolidation company do the work for you.

Never send payments to people claiming to be the payday loan company or a lawyer representing the payday loan companies.

Know who you are doing business with, or better yet, let us do the dirty work and get you back on track, and then you can really RELAX!

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2 thoughts on “How To Get Out Of Debt With Payday Loans”

  1. Good looking site. I thought appreciate the dichotomy you present–the way that payday loans can be abused, VS. the way it COULD be. You speak the truth about the interest rates of typical payday loans, and that YOUR loans can remove the stress of bill collectors and harrassing calls. Thanks for sharing!
    Tight lines.

    1. Hi Mark!
      Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to spread the word that we are here and available to help anyone with their payday loan debt!


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