How To Get Out Of Payday Loan Debt

By Shawn Lee Martin
how to get out of payday loan debt

When customers ask me how to get out of payday loan debt I answer them with two words, quick and easy.

This may not be the exact answer they want but it does get their attention.

They are really asking what they need to do to get away from all the bad energy that goes along with having out of control payday loan debt.

But quick and easy always get peoples attention and it really is that easy to put these loans to rest and relieve all the stress that goes with the debt.

Do you need help with payday loan debt?

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When we say quick we mean quick.

You can get relief from payday loan debt almost immediately, and certainly within a couple days.

There is not a more desperate feeling then hanging up the phone from yet another call from one of the loan companies threatening to take you to court for your outstanding balance.

They have called you at work and at home, and even called your parents and boss!

These people are ruthless!

I have one lady who was getting up to 30 calls a day from an online payday loan company, and that was not counting all the text messages.

The do not let up and the are not nice at all but you can have relief from this within 2 days of taking action against these companies, and we will talk about that more in a bit. 🙂


Easy is exactly how much work it is for you to get the ball rolling and take care of this debt.

Imagine stopping all of those phone calls we were talking about just like that!

How about stopping the interest that keeps adding up by the day and having it negotiated down to the lowest possible balance??

And let’s make sure we have any and all legal action stopped cold, and all threats of it completely eliminated!

Now, this is the best part, you did not have to do anything to accomplish the above because you had professional help doing it for you and that help is not done yet!

Now they are going to combine all your loans into one affordable bi-monthly or monthly payment that will not eat up all of your cash flow on paydays, and they are going to take over your loans and make those monthly payments for you.

These professionals must have super human powers you say?

No, just lots and lots of experience doing what we have been talking about, and being the best in the business at doing it.

By now you are about ready to scream out how you can do this!

Let’s take a look at how quick and easy it really is, but first, let’s see if you can qualify for this kind of life-saving help.

Everyone Qualifies

If you have an income and can afford the negotiated low payments you qualify period.

You will not get turned down and you will not need to have a credit check or anything like that, all you need is like I said, a steady income.

So, let’s sum up what we have been talking about:

You can get relief from the following within two days of taking action:

  • Stopped phone calls
  • Stopped interest
  • Stopped legal action
  • Combined loans total even with multiple loans and multiple loan companies.
  • Negotiated payback plan
  • Scheduled payments on your account balance.

You can expect this and more for a low one time fee and in return your loans will be taken over by us and treated like our own, your loan debt will be retired most times within 18 months, and most importantly your stress level will drop immediately after you take the action required to get this all started.

Taking Action

All you need to do is either give us a call at our toll free number 1.877.280.5100 or fill out our Form for your free no obligation quote on how we can help you.

That is it!

Quick and easy, just like we said:)

Within two days of taking action, we will contact you and get everything rolling.

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Do you need help with payday loan debt?

Click here to see how we can help you!

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