I Need Money Now!

By Shawn Lee Martin

I need money nowDay after day the phone rings or an email comes into the office stating: “I Need Money Now!”

Most times when people are contacting us with this request they really do not need any money at all, they simply need some relief from being buried in payday loan debt.

Payday loan collectors are ruthless in their efforts to collect money from people who are in default of their loans and they have been known to use tactics that can scare the average person out of their skin.

We here at Help With payday Loan Debt thought we would share a bit of what it is like to deal with these companies and maybe give some borrowers who are in trouble with this kind of debt an idea of what these collectors can and can not do in terms of collection practices.

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What They Can Do

What payday loan companies can do is what every collection agency is allowed to do.

  • Call you and request information
  • Call your references and request information on how to contact you IF they can not contact you directly
  • Set up a repayment plan for you or offer you another loan to satisfy the first loan ( very dangerous choice)
  • Debit your bank account if the loan is set up with this feature, repeatedly in some cases.
  • Send you letters requesting information
  • Send your references letters for information on how to  contact you IF they can not contact you directly
  • Start legal collection proceedings. (Most cases this only consists of them being granted a judgement against you)
  • Report your debt to a collection agency

These are all standard collection practices that pretty much every loan collector and debt collector uses in attempting to collect a debt.

What They Can Not Do

debters prisonWhat payday loan collectors can not do is anything not included in the above list including:

  • Call you repeatedly at home
  • Threaten you in any way including having you arrested
  • Call your references telling them you are in default
  • Call you at work, PERIOD
  • Call your boss, PERIOD
  • Call your financial institution PERIOD
  • Threaten you to get you to file bankruptcy or pawn your belongings
  • Give out any information to anybody relating to your loans

The stories we have been told from people asking us for help would make the average person’s skin crawl, from having a borrower arrested for their debt to sending over a collection goon to get money from them and on and on.

These kinds of practices are illegal and you do have the right to report this kind of activity to the police and the Better Business Bureau.


Never give these companies any control over you and do not let them harass you into doing something that they do not have the right to ask you to do.

If you are in trouble with payday loan debt in any way give us a call at 1.877.280.5100 or fill out our free no obligation form and let us deal with them for you.

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Let Us Deal With These Companies For You!

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18 thoughts on “I Need Money Now!”

  1. Wow the facts listed here are scarcely true. I know my mother used to get repeated calls from collection agencies as you mentioned. Now that I think about it she probably could’ve used a service just like this to help deal with those people. I feel that this kind of service is extremely useful those who do not wish to live there life in stress worrying about who their next check is going to besides them!

    1. Hi, Brianna!

      I bet we could have helped your mother too!

      Just remember we are here for you or anyone you know who may need our help in the future!


  2. Hi Shawn, thank you for offering your debt payment assistance service to those who needed it. I believe many would find your service to very helpful and much needed. I heard many “horror” stories about those unruly debt collectors. Some even sound like a scene straight out of movies, such as gangsters goes to their houses and threaten the family involves, red paint splashed all over their cars or even houses…. Sometimes it is hard to believe this can happen, but it does, especially when the story is reported in our local newspaper….sigh…

    1. Hi, Dominic!

      I agree it does happen every day and it is a sad deal for sure.

      We want to believe we can deal with the best, the worst and everything in between to come up with a solution that works for both parties.

      Thanks for stopping by and help spread the word that we are here!


  3. Thanks for the information about the do’s and don’ts of these debt collectors.

    What happens to a debt collector that is doing any of the things that are not allowed such as calling your boss or calling you at work?

    Do they or their company get fined? You would think that they would know the rules but I guess some people don’t play nice.

    1. Hi, James!

      Because many are based outside the USA not much if anything happens to the collectors or the companies.

      It would be nice to be able to go after them!

      Thanks for the great question and stopping by!


  4. Hey Shawn. The website looks Great actually. Now these are trying times and everyone needs money now. This website shows so much validity with the topic of needing help with the payday loans. Offering a way out of debt is wonderful and from this site, I definitely would take up on this.

    1. Hi, Spencer!

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the endorsement!

      Sometimes people just need help and we are more than happy to be here for them!


  5. Hey there Shawn, great looking website and great post. This article will be a saving grace for many as we are constantly putting ourselves in more debt. Sometimes the circumstances are unfortunate and beyond our control but whatever the means it is always good to have a method of salvation.

    1. Hi, Elliedan!

      We will be here for the long haul to help you if you ever need it!

      Thanks for stopping by and please help spread the word that we care here!


  6. Great! Thanks for sharing, it is happen in our country too. But, sometimes, I got SMS offering help for payday load debt and it make me worried and think this is trickery. By reading your site, it make me easily to understand the real condition and get a “bulb” for what I can do here.

    1. Hi1

      Glad you found some benifit from this article!

      Thanks for stopping by and keep us in mind if you need any help in the future!


  7. It’s nice to know people do not have to put up with harassment and trickery. I take it, that the list of things “they can not do” evidently are the things they possibly have done in the past. It’s also a good thing that there really are companies around, of good faith, that attempts to make life easier for people.

    1. Hi, Beverly!
      They really do not have to put up wit5h any of that kind of treatment.
      We can stop that is a flash.
      Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to share our site!

  8. I have been on the receiving end of these companies. Before I knew what they could and couldn’t do by law I would live in fear.

    Your site is a blessing because you offer relief. You give people the support they need when these companies are calling and harassing them mercilessly.

    This information can help people fight these companies and teach them what their rights are as the borrower. Most people don’t realize that if you stop responding most companies will stop calling. There are those few that will take you to court but it’s rare.

    Thanks for the information and consumer help.

    1. Hi, Rawl!

      Thanks for stopping by and supporting us!

      It is always better to find help right away with this kind of debt before it blows itself completely out of control.

      help spread the word that we are here to help!


  9. I’ve a close friend who has on going issues with payday loan companies, it’s a catch 22. His problem effectively comes down to the fact he doesn’t budget for his life style. When I’ve tried to point this out he says he doesn’t know how to set a budget, I’ve tried to help but wondered if you had a planner or something I can show him to structure his repayments and dealing with his money.

    1. Hi, Dan1

      I will be adding that in the very near future as I have had quite a few requests for it.

      if he has problems right now with any payday loan debt tell him to call us and we will take care of him 🙂 1.877.280.5100


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