Idaho Payday Loans get Hit hard!

By Shawn Lee Martin

Caldwell, Idaho
Caldwell, Idaho

Idaho is the next state to take action against curbing short term high interest loans and the result of their recent decisions mean Idaho payday loans get hit hard

State after state are starting to combat against these legal loan sharks, all the result of constant complaints from the customers themselves.

People keep finding themselves caught in the payday loan  trap and have had enough of being taken advantage of.

Government is starting to finally pay attention and are fighting back.

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New Rules

Caldwell, Idaho industrial Park
Caldwell, Idaho industrial Park

Caldwell Idaho officials have stepped up to the plate and created new rules as to where a payday loan can start a new store front.

According to the Idaho Press – Tribune, the city council has unanimously passed a new ordinance restricting where payday loan companies may open new businesses.

nay new payday loan storefronts will only be allowed to open in manufacturing and light industrial zones.

A special permit must be obtained for any high traffic areas, and they will be hard to get.


The Idaho Community Action network is behind this push, and they are talking to other communities to get them to do the same, the organization’s director, Terri Sterling said.

We at help payday Loan Debt back this effort, and would like to see more and more communities going in this direction.

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Together we can all make a difference!
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