National Payday Loan Relief Is Trending Again!

national debt reliefThe internet makes doing business so much easier than in the past!

We check it daily to see if any news on payday loans is trending and National Payday Loan Relief is there again.

This phrase pops up every other day and this tells us there are many people here in the USA who are in need of help with payday loan debt!

Unfortunately, there are many companies that are payday loan debt relief scams and they are taking advantage of people who are already in trouble.

We thought we would explore this topic for the sake of enlightening people on what is real and what is fake.

How many of you may have been approached or even taken by these scam artists?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways they can get you!

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Does this Statement sound familiar?

” we will settle your payday loan debt for pennies on the dollar!”

On the surface, this sounds great but there are many debt relief companies out there that use this catchphrase that simply takes your money and gives little in return.

In looking up complaints lodged with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau we found some eye-opening cases.

For example, one company has been operating since 2008 and has failed to offer any debt relief for 89% of its clients!

Another company has collected over 10 million dollars slated for customer’s debt payments and passed on only two million towards its customers’ debts!

This to us here at Help With Payday Loan Debt is inexcusable and it gives companies like us who do stand by our practices and value or reputation a bad name.

How Can You Pick A Good Company?

get references
Always Get References!

We tell each and every one of our clients to check our references if they have any question we are a legit business, which we are proud to say we are!

We have lists of clients that are more than happy to pass on their experiences doing business with us and we invite you to join them should you end up choosing us as your relief company!

We are just one of many companies who are for real and take pride in their achievements and does not mind people inquiring about our track record!


While it is nice to drum up business and toot our own horn it is more important to spread the word that there are legit delt relief companies available to people in need of them!

We understand getting caught in the payday loan trap is very frustrating and stressful and the last thing you need is a scam company making things worse for you!

Check out our recommendation below for safe and honest national payday loan debt relief!

Do you have a story you would like to share or any questions?

We want to hear from you!

Please leave us a comment below and we will get right back to you!

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14 thoughts on “National Payday Loan Relief Is Trending Again!”

  1. Hi Shawn, I just visited your site for review and found it to be very informative and well thought out. All of your pages were clean and professional looking. You spent plenty of time organizing and researching your product and it shows. You had some very good comments at the end where people had commented on your sight. It is good that you are having interaction with your visitors/customers. Good Job.

    1. Thanks so much Jerry for stopping by and checking out the site!

      Help spread the word that we are here to help anyone who may need it!



  2. Hey Shawn, a lot of good information here. Payday loans are a big problem and a lot of people don’t realize the interest they are paying for these loans.

    I learned my lessons a long time ago. I do know some young people who have been caught in the trap. A lot of people think they are up against the wall, so to speak and have no other choice.

    I have bookmarked your site so I can pass along the information and your services to them. When I come into contact with them I will pass this to them. Hope to talk to you soon. Wayne

    1. Hi Wayne!

      Thanks so much for offering to share us around when needed!

      Glad you have learned how to stay away from these things and thanks again for the help!


  3. oh gosh the stats are just terrible!

    People that need payday loans are already in a vulnerable situation and yet these companies are taking advantage of them! What 89% of the time their debt doesn’t actually get paid.

    Its great you are pointing this out so people know and don’t fall further into an endless cycle of debt!

    1. Hi, SJ!

      I know, the numbers are not good are they?

      We just keep doing our thing and hopefully people go away with a better understanding on how to use their money.

      Thanks for stopping by and please help spread the word that we are here!


  4. I, as well as a few others in my family, have fell victim to the payday loan rut. I must say, it can be pretty hard to get out of it if you are living paycheck to paycheck like I am. It’s really sad; all the scams out there. Pigs taking advantage of people who need HONEST help. Its good to see a reputable company, such as yourselves, offering the relief you do when almost no one else does. I will definitely refer you guys to my friends and family!


    1. Hi Tim and thanks for the good words!

      We appreciate your willingness to recommend us!

      The traps are everywhere and we are always glad to help out in any way we can!


  5. Hi Shawn, thank you very much for this information. I think it’s absolutely unbelievable that people can be such A**holes to take from the people who actually need it the most. I mean a scam that goes after rich people is still not a good thing but to go for the poor guys… I got no words for that. It’s like Robin Hood the other way around It’s f***ing awful to see people getting away with that. Still thank you for this great post.

    1. Hi, Aaron!

      So true!

      That is why we are here, to be a go to place to get help when needed.

      Thanks for stopping by and please share us around!


  6. That’s really scary that scammers would aim at vulnerable people to rip them off, taking advantage of National Payday Loan Relief.

    How is it even possible to stay in business while not passing 8 million dollars towards its customers’ debts?

    I’m glad that at the same time that there are people like these, at the opposite side there are others like you that are honest and truthfully want to help others.

    Congratulations on the initiative of educating those who one day may be in need of a relief company.

    1. Hi, Elaine!

      It seems to be the way people are going anymore. Businesses ripping people off seems to be the norm anymore and I agree it is sad.

      Thanks for stopping by and feel free to spread the word that we are here to help everyone whp needs it. 🙂


  7. Thanks for posting this! It’s so true that there are a lot of companies taking advantage of vulnerable people whether it’s the financially troubled or elderly – people need guidance on who they can trust to get them out of their situations. Debt relief scams were popular during the market crash in 2008 and although the market has come back a bit, there are still folks out there reeling from the debacle. Thanks for sharing, great info that will help a lot of people!

    1. Hi, Annie!

      You are welcome and thanks so much for stopping by.

      It is our goal here at “Help With payday Loan Debt” to help each and every person in any way we can!

      Thanks again!


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