Nebraska State Payday Loan Laws

By Shawn Martin

Nebraska State Flag
Nebraska State Flag

The Nebraska state payday loan laws are set up to somewhat protect the borrower in certain areas,but fall short in many others.

Payday loans are legal in Nebraska and seem to be going strong.

You may take out a payday loan for up to the $500.00 maximum allowed to any one borrower, but, and here is the catch, you can take as many as you wish until you reach that $500.00 limit.

This can lead to multiple loans with all the fees that go with them.

Sounds like the perfect lead into the payday loan trap, and one that can get you into trouble fast!  There is a 31 day limit on payday loan length and the interest rates come in at 15% of the face value of the check.

In theory, you could have several loans out and be needing to roll them over just to stay on top of the interest, leading to a major problem with payday loan debt.

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I hope this information on Nebraska state banking laws involving payday loans helps you make wise decisions when considering doing business with these legal loan sharks!

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