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By Shawn Lee Martin

Use The Help Desk!
Use The Help Desk!

I have seen it over and over.

People send me Emails looking for a way to stop collections, but they just do not have the courage to say I need payday loan help.

Asking this simple question opens doors for them that they could not open themselves.

Let me explain.

The other day a lady told me a story when she came to this site looking for help.

She finally made the decision she needed help and asked for it, which we delivered

If only she would have asked for help about 9 months earlier she would have saved many sleepless nights and thousands of dollars.

I decided with her permission would tell her story.

 Need payday loan help?

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Michelle’s story

Harrassed to the brink of insanity!
Harrassed to the brink of insanity!

Michelle’s story is not unlike many others that have been trapped in the payday loan debt cycle.

.She found herself short on money for car repairs and in a desperate state to get the bill paid.

Low and behold she remembered those bright signs at the local payday loan store that said money could be available within 2 hours.

She was trapped.

She thought to herself, it will only be a two week loan of $400.00 and I will just have to cut corners on my next paycheck so I can pay this back.

If only life were that simple.

Along came another emergency and she extended the loan, and from that point on she managed to float that loan for 6 months.

Then she could not float it any longer. She defaulted on the loan, and also sent her checking account into overdraft hell.

The real nightmare begins

Lawsuits were pending
Lawsuits were pending

Michelle now found herself getting harassing calls from the loan company at home and at work, and all of her references she listed were calling her asking why this company was trying to find her.

The company then started threatening legal action, and she was getting very frightened.

On top of this, she had a real problem at the bank. She was overdrawn over a thousand dollars and had bounced checks all over town.

She was really stuck in a bad place and was ready to throw in the towel.

Then she found us and asked the question.


We stopped the legal action, put an end to the phone calls and got her interest to stop incurring.

We set her up on affordable bi-monthly payments that will eliminate all of her payday debt in less than 6 months, and give her some cash flow to take care of her bank account problems.

This could have been a much cheaper lesson had Michelle asked for help sooner, but thankfully she did ask before declaring bankruptcy or worse.

The Lesson

Never take out one of these loans unless you are 100% positive you can pay the whole balance off on the first due day, period!

Better yet, do not take one out at all!

Do you have a story you would like to share or a question to ask?

Please leave it below in the comment section!

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