New Mexico Payday Loan laws

By Shawn Martin

New Mexico State Flag
New Mexico State Flag

The New Mexico payday loan laws are set up to be very much on the side of the lender.

This state has no limits on the amount you can borrow or any limits on how long you can borrow it.

This can be a very bad combination for the borrower as it can lead to too much debt and no way to keep up with it.

New Mexico’s payday loan law on interest is anything the lender and borrower will agree upon. this can lead to incredible rates and fees that can bury the borrower in a hurry.

There are no limits on how many loans the borrower may take out and no limits on how many times the borrower may roll the payday loan over.

This state is set up for maximum profits for the loan companies and huge losses for the borrower. It is highly recommended to avoid these types of loans in this state.

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We hope this information on New Mexico payday loan laws will help you take the control back from these companies and get you back on track in your finances and put some peace of mind back in your life.

3 thoughts on “New Mexico Payday Loan laws”

  1. I would love to know why there is no regulation in place to protect people. At least there are places like you guys that help people.

    I don’t think most people know what they are getting into when they take these type of loans, it’s designed to be tricky and keep people confused

    1. It is funny, the federal government wants to blanket everything from gay marriage to smoking pot, but in this field they let the states do their own thing. Makes one wonder just what our priorities are.

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