Not Paying Back Payday Loans Could Get Spendy!

By Shawn Lee Martin

Past Due LoanEven though many states are making these loans illegal, you still need to pay off your loans.

Not paying back payday loans could get spendy!

These companies do not give up and they will pursue the debt, all the while adding interest daily to the total payoff.

The longer you take to pay these guys, the higher your balance gets, and it adds up very fast.

I have heard many horror stories about people who have ignored these collectors until summoned to court, and then they get desperate to get out of trouble and start selling everything they own.

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What to do

If you have defaulted or late payday loan debt, the first thing you should do is take a deep breath and relax, it will all turn out OK.

There are several things you yourself can do to slow down the damage. The first thing I recommend is taking a look at your check book.

If you have been driven into the red by having the payday loan company keep trying to withdraw money from your account, then you are building up charges at the bank.

Call them and cancel your Automatic funds transfer for then payday loan company if possible. This will at least stop the repeated charges.

The next thing you need to do is get signed up with a payday loan consolidation company. Look for one who cares about helping you, not making money.

  • A good company should come with the following:
  • references W
  • Working phone number
  • Mission statement that puts the customer first.

The consolidation company should offer you the following:

  • Negotiate a fair deal between you and the loan companies
  • Stop all harassing phone calls
  • Stop all legal actions
  • Stop the interest and many times reduce the payoff
  • Have regular affordable payment options to eliminate this debt.


We all find ourselves in a bind from time to time, and it is so easy to get behind with these kinds of loans, so give yourself a break.

Get working right away at fixing the problem!

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The sooner you get it under control the sooner you can move on to more important things, like happy living!

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