Payday debt trouble? Get help fast!

By Shawn Martin

Stressed out couple in debt
Stressed out couple in debt

Joey needed money fast! His car was broken and his landlord was threatening eviction. Joey was on his way to payday debt trouble.

He found the money he needed by taking our two payday loans for $350.00 each.

All went well until his next payday. He did not have enough to cover either loan so he chose to roll them both over.

They cost him $45.00 each to roll over, plus he still owed the whole principal on both loans.

Now Joey has the original fee of each loan of $45.00 plus the cost of borrowing it for two weeks,or $60.00.

Added up in two weeks Joey has spent $90.00 on roll over charges and $110.00 on each loan to borrow the money, for a grand total of $310.00

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Remember he took out two loans for $350.00 and he still owes this principal on top of the charges.In other words Joey is already to the point of screaming I need financial help fast!

Most people roll over a payday loan between 4 to 5 times, and usually by the time a payday loan is retired a person ends up easily paying double to triple the original loan amount.

We can help!

Smiling again!
Smiling again!

Joey and his wife did the right thing and contacted a payday loan debt consolidation company for help with getting out of their payday loan trap.

The company stopped the interest, got all the fees waived, and stopped all the phone calls within 2 days.

Next, this company set Joey and his wife on a bi weekly repayment plan and within 6 months they were out of payday loan debt and back on track!

If you are in trouble with internet payday loans, or over the counter payday loans in any state, you can find help by following the links above. You too can say goodbye to the nightmare of too much payday loan debt, just like Joey and his wife!

2 thoughts on “Payday debt trouble? Get help fast!”

  1. People have money trouble all the time but its too easy to get a few of these loans when your desperate. Anyone who needs money must realize these lenders dont play well and are very very expensive and can end up taking your whole check.

    I see people every day so desperate and stuck in the “payday loan trap” Just be very careful when you get one of these if you must get one.

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