Payday Loan Court Summons Almost Destroys Family


We get very upset when we read something like the following headline: “Payday Loan Court Summons Almost Destroys Family” in a newspaper or news source.

We have been working really hard to get the word out that there is really nothing to fear when dealing with out of control debt of this type.

It is all manageable and can be dealt with in a short period of time and with ease if you know what you are doing.

When a person gets a notice of a hearing that involves them it is natural to think the worst and that is exactly what happened to a young family a short while back.

Get instant help with your payday loan debt and stop all collection activity in its tracks!

In this article we want to share one of our clients story about how bad it can get when dealing with debt collectors.

Before we start let us point out that shutting down the collectors and establishing a working relationship with these types of companies is easy for a company like ours, but for the regular guy or gal trying to deal with them one on one, forget it!

That is why we are here, to help anyone who may need help retiring their payday loan debt while at the same time saving large amounts of money without the threat of collections and court.

That being said lets get on with our story!

Amy and John’s story

Payday loan court summons

Amy and John were a young couple that had been married a year and a half and had just welcomed into this world their newborn son, Michael.

These two had both been going to school and working when Amy became pregnant.

Amy developed some health issues during the pregnancy and had to stop both school and work until after the baby was born so John was both going to school and working a full time job to keep the family above water financially.

All was going well until right after the baby arrived the car decided it was time to take a break too, to the tune of 500 bucks to get it back up and running and with no cash on hand John reluctantly, against Amy’s wishes took out a payday loan for the money.

Well, as is most cases in life, bad things never happen only once and this was no exception, the car broke again and the repairs were another 400 bucks so off went John to the the loan store again to get another loan to bail the car out.

This came on top of Amy finding out she could not return to work for at least 2 months due to medical reasons and of course these two ended up defaulting on both loans.

Collection time

As John was working more and more hours trying to cover these two loans along with all the other house expenses Amy was stuck home with a newborn and a constant ringing phone from the loan collectors.

These collectors were brutal and non stop!

They were calling her parents and Johns work and threatening every kind of legal action possible and finally they threatened court action and Amy lost it and guess who was on the receiving end!

Poor John got both barrels!

She had been against these loans from the beginning and now legal action?

It was either the loans or John, on of them were going to go!

The court summons was the last straw!

the last straw

They received a notice from the court that they were being sued by the loan company and this was the last straw for Amy, she had had enough!

Thankfully she found us on the internet and we helped these two get back on their feet and out from under this loan company almost immediately but sadly this is not how it usually goes.

More times than not this type of situation leads to trips to court, the loss of large amounts of money and many times we have even seen marriages destroyed because of these loans and we are so glad Amy and Johns did not end this way!

Amy did the right thing in searching for a solution online and asking for help and we were glad to offer it to them!

A change is needed

We would really like to see these loan companies offer a solution for their clients when they get behind on these loans.

We feel it should be part of the loan process to offer options to those who should fall behind on their payments.

So far we seem to be speaking to deaf ears in the industry and that is why we offer our payday loan repayment plan to anyone who needs help with this type of debt.


We were happy to be able to help Amy and John out and we are also happy to report that they are doing great and are both finishing school!

Their son Michael just turned 1 years old and not only did they celebrate his birthday they celebrated having zero payday loan debt all at the same time!

Now that’s a far cry better than the year before!

Happy birthday Michael!

Get instant help with your payday loan debt and stop all collection activity in its tracks!

6 thoughts on “Payday Loan Court Summons Almost Destroys Family”

  1. Thank you for your detailed explanation of online payday loans. I was always skeptical because I never understood how they worked. After reading your post, I have a better understanding of the process. I wholeheartedly agree that if you need a loan like this, you cannot afford it and you’re better off not getting involved. As far as I’m concerned these loans are a scam. They could be financially detrimental.
    Your post is comprehensive and to the point. Not overly wordy therefore not boring to the reader. Good and interesting read. I like the reasoning of giving the pros and cons so that the reader could see the benefits and hindrance of these loans. And make a sound decision on whether this is the route they should take.

    1. Hi Cherryl!

      I agree they resemble a scam but if you think about it they are no different than a credit card. As long as you pay them in full every time you use them they are great but when you start carrying a balance or are late a p[ayment look out!

      As with anything, know all of your options before going in!


  2. I must say that this article is very informative and helpful Shawn. I must agree with Kisha regarding the email. Sometimes I simply don’t know how to “escape” from those people. Your article helped me a lot and I must show it my sister-in-law, she will be happy to read this.

    1. Hi, Daniel!

      They can be a bit aggressive and while I understand it must be a tough job playing the bad guy there are lines I think they should never cross.

      I am just glad we can be here to help out when needed!

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for spreading the word!


  3. This is a very valuable article. I cant tell you how many email or text offers that my husband and I get daily! It looks so good but the payback is the struggle. I think that sometimes people are desperate and looking for a quick and easy way out of debt! It’s just deplorable what these companies can do to people under the guise of helping them! Great post! 

    1. Hi Kisha!

      If people would just make the one-time payment in full on the first due date these loans, while expensive to use will do no harm. The harm begins when you extend them. It is so easy to get behind!


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