Payday Loan Debt Collectors

payday loan debt collectors

It seems every year as the holiday season approaches these people get into high gear.

They have two main reasons for being this way.

They want to number one collect as much money as they can before the year ends and number two,  get their books cleared of as many people as possible who may have outstanding late payday l0ans.

 As the holidays come calling we as a service to our readers, are offering you this article on how to deal with payday loan debt collectors.

We have a way to deal with them for you that takes all of their aggressiveness out of the picture and we love sharing this with our readers!

Let’s take a look at how we deal with these collectors!

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How do we deal with them?

Nobody likes getting called at home or at work repeatedly by someone trying to collect a debt, and even though it is illegal for them to call you at work, unfortunately, it happens every day.

It is an awful feeling to have outstanding payday loan debt and we know because we all here at Help With Payday Loan Debt have had our own at one time, thus we get it and that is why everyone qualifies for help!

What we do here is take away all the collection activity by the collectors as soon as you sign up! 

You will no longer have to talk or worry about them from this point on, we will do all of that for you!

What all is included when I sign up for help?

When you sign up for help with us we immediately take over your payday loan debt and represent you when talking to the loan companies making any contact between you and the companies from this point on unnecessary.

Like we said above, we first call off all active collection activity that may be happening and we also stop all interest acurring on the debt.

The next thing we will do is renegotiate a repayment plan that you can afford and complete within 18 months.

We break this into either bi-weekly or monthly payments that will not eat up all of your cash flow every payday!

Also included in this negotiation is the elimination of a huge chunk of your outstanding interest due, and this can add up to be incredible savings to you!

We then set up this repayment plan with you and the loan companies and we take it one step further, we take over your payments for you until the debt is satisfied.

How affordable are the payments?

We want to make sure you have enough money out of each paycheck to be able to run your household so we can keep them as low as possible, and we work with you hand in hand to determine what will work best in your situation.

We can also excellerate this plan and set the payments higher if you can and want to eliminate them quickly, the choice is yours!

You can read all about our service by checking out our article explaining the complete Payday Loan Repayment Plan

Happy Holidays!

This is our way of giving to you, our readers a chance to get rid of your payday loan debt once and for all and save money doing it!

We are glad you take the time to check out our service and we want to make your living situation worry free from this type of debt!

We want to again wish you a happy and safe holiday season, and we hope 2019 is everything you hope for!

Now it is your turn!

We always want to hear from you so if you have any questions or comments please leave them below in the comments section or give us a call toll free at 1-877-280-5100

16 thoughts on “Payday Loan Debt Collectors”

  1. payday loan debt seems to be a great option at the time when we get in debt, as many companies offer so high interest rates in types loan, but having this great service we can be to a better payment plan and be able to get out of debt more easily, thank you for this information and if is ok for you i will share with info with friends and family to take advance to this program.


  2. Interesting article on payday loan debt collectors. But the first question that pops into my mind is, “how do debtors afford the services you offer? Do the payday loan companies pay you to work out a payment plan? It is not clear how another party collects their fees. I know there is a percentage of the population that do everything on a cash basis as they have no credit or bank accounts to speak of. So their recourse is to use payday loans (at extremely high interest rates because of the risk).

  3. So I’ve never heard of this concept before, but if this is true you’ll be doing a huge favor for a lot of people! One of my friends being harassed by these collectors, they even threat him that they will come and embarrass him in front of his neighbors!

    I think the plan you are offering is more than fare, and should provide a practical solution to anyone who is serious about paying his debt, good job.

    1. Hi!

      I know they can be very aggressive when they are collecting money and people should not have to put up with illegal practices.

      Thanks for stopping by and if you ever need any help with payday loan debt feel free to call us!


  4. Great article, your service seems to be a fantastic way to pay back loans! I especially like how you make payments affordable so people won’t have to struggle so hard to make payments, that is HUGE! Keep up the great work , Im going to share this article with a family member who may need this!

  5. Payday loans at times are life savers. The best thing that can happen to a debtor is having a representative to talk with the companies owed. To have payday loan debt collectors on your behalf makes a lot of sense.

    I also love that they can renegotiate the terms of payment up to 18 months to repay back at the same time stopping the interest on the loans.

    1. Hi, Edwin and thanks for stopping by and reading the article!

      We find that we have great success when people find that out they can afford. Everyone wants to make it right but it is really hard to look at when you are under fire!


  6. Interesting post about payday loan debt. It’s so easy to fall into this trap, a lot of people end up having to borrow money month to month. Also the interest rates on these loans are so high!

    Great service to be able to get into a payment plan, this makes it so much easier for people to make payments towards debt without paying more than they can afford, keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, Kate!

      We agree, it is so much easier paying a bill that is affordable rather than sky high with threats attatched and we are so happy we can do this for them!

      Happy holidays to you and yours!


  7. Hello Shawn: 

    I took a tour of your website and really liked what I saw and read. You have lots of great information on Payday Loans. I’m familiar with these types of loans and the company’s that offer them. They go after low income customers most of the time. They charge sky high fees for there service. The way they figure is most people will not be able to break free from this debt and then they”ll be stuck.shawn your company is doing a great service by offering this need and educating the public. Your content flows very nicely and has plenty of content that is relevant to the need. you have sections where you offer feedback and answer anything that is sent your way. I would do business with you if I needed it . 

    Thank you.

    Brian E.    

    1. Hi, Brian!

      Thanks so much for checking out the webbsite, we really appreciate any feedback offered!

      Please help us spread the word by passing the website on to anyone you feel could use the information!

      Again, thanks!


  8. This is certainly no coincidence coming along your site.

    I have a close relative who has fallen prey to the Payday Loan  scam and I was looking if I could find more about them but instead have found your site.

    I think you are really a sent from heaven and I will forward your article to my relative.

    I personally have no experience with payday loan but have heard and seen their advertising. I am not judging people who are using this scam since I know for myself, from the past, how tight money can be, especially before big Holidays.

    I will research your site further and again, your are a lifesaver with what you doing to help people who are in trouble.

    Thank you!

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