Payday Loan Debt Help For Everyone Has Arrived

Payday Loan Debt Help ForWith so many stores closing and businesses downsizing the demand for payday loans is skyrocketing and along with that we also need payday loan debt help for everyone.

It is so easy to get caught in the payday loan trap and having a safety net to fall back on is priceless!

Because the demand for these loan services is rising and jobs are disappearing daily we felt the need to post an article with tips on how to avoid “The Trap” and where to get help if you are already caught in a payday loan trap!

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What Exactly Is “The Trap”

The payday loan trapwhat we call “The Trap” is actually called a payday loan trap by the industry. For a complete description, you can check out our article called The Two Minute Payday Loan Trap

A simple explanation for the trap is when you, for example, take out a payday loan and then take out another to make the payment of the first loan.

This creates negative cash flow on your paydays and just by doing this one pay cycle you have already pretty much trapped yourself.

You now have two loan payments that are more than your paycheck and they are growing every day due to the crazy interest rates these companies charge!

Keep in mind this is only one simple example, there are many other ways to end up in the trap but there are only two options you can use to avoid any chance of ending up trapped in payday loan debt.

Two Options

number twoThe first of the two options is a no-brainer. You can avoid ever getting caught in the payday loan trap simply by not take out a payday loan in the first place!

While this is the best way to avoid any traps we understand there are times and circumstances where a person just needs money and may only be able to borrow it in this manner.

If a person finds themselves in this situation the only safe way to use these loans is by following option number two.

Pay off the whole amount of the loan on the first payday!

Do not extend it, do not take out another loan to help make the payments and do not get caught in the tricks the online loan companies use of only charging you the interest payment each payday unless another payment amount has been arranged ahead of the payment due date.

Yes, they do that!


We have covered how to not get caught in “The Trap” but what about getting help if you are already trapped?

This is the easy part!

We can help you with your out of control payday loan debt in any state!

Take a look at how we do it here: Payday Loan Repayment Plan

We want to hear from you!

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below in the comments section and we will get right back to you!

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12 thoughts on “Payday Loan Debt Help For Everyone Has Arrived”

  1. Well and having my morning coffee and going over these Pedi traps I see they are simple ways. I’m glad I never got started and one even though I had a lot of debt and was not able to recover taking time to do so. Honestly, I don’t remember how I did it.

    1. Hey Andrew!

      The main thing is you did do it!

      Debt can really be hard on people and we understand that and we are happy to help any and everyone who needs it!

      Thanks for stopping!

  2. This is really great. People tend the underestimate the trap they’re walking into when they take out these type of loans. I had a friend who took out a payday loan for an car accident and he’s still paying it off till this day. I learned my lesson right then and there, and it didn’t even happen to me. I’m definitely going to send this site to my friend. Great article, very helpful.

  3. Great site with really good information. I bet a lot of folks don’t realize how much financial trouble they can get into with these types of loans. Good to see that you can help out these unsuspecting people. If it seems to good it probably is. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi, John!

      Boy, you are spot on about people not understanding how fast you can get buried in serious debt!

      Glad you understand that!

      Please fell free to share with your friends that we are here to help everyone who needs help with payday loan debt and thanks so much for stopping by!


  4. Thank you Shawn for this informative post. I have had friends and co- workers alike who have suggested that I take out one of these loans. There was just always something about the idea of it that left a bad taste in my mouth. Thanks to this article, now I see what it was. Just another way for a business to take advantage of those who are in need. Thank goodness that there are people out here like you who give us the truth about these companies. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Hi,Michelle!

      I am glad you did not listen to your friends and get one of these loans. Now you can do them a favor and point them in our direction if they should need our kind of help. Chances are if they are recommending taking these loans out they will sooner than later need help themselves.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  5. Thank you for showing us the debt trap. This is unique info I have not seen anywhere else, and the educated meaning of these things can help people start getting out of debt right away, and start getting into profit, living paycheck to paycheck is not the way to live, and your free quote is recommended to any having trouble in this regard.

    1. Hi,, Andrew!

      Thanks for stopping by and we agree that the only way to stay out of trouble is to keep this kind of debt out of your life.

      Please help spread the word that we are here to help anyone in need!


  6. Great advice on getting out of payday loan debt! Unfortunately, many people get stuck into the trap that creatives a negative cash flow. I think avoiding the loan in the first place is hard! But if you can avoid it, then there won’t be any problems in the future. It’s important to pay off the loan in the first payday to avoid any future debts as well.

    1. Hi, Derek!

      Thanks for stopping by and you have the information spot on!

      Follow that advice and you will never have any trouble with these kinds of loans!


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