Payday Loans For People With Bad Credit

By Shawn Lee Martin

bad credit loansOne of the questions we get asked frequently is if payday loans for people with bad credit are safe to use.

With the holiday season fast approaching we need to make sure we respond to this question completely and honestly.

We have to look at this question a couple of different ways because it is a loaded answer that we must be clear in answering.

The truth is yes they are safe to use if you use them the right way and we will link you up to information on how to do that a bit later in this post.

But that is not the whole answer!

Let’s take a look at a complete explanation of this question.

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Are They Safe?

Yes, they are to an extent but before a person takes out one of these loans they need to understand how they work. You can check out our article on using a payday loan safely by clicking the following link.

Are Online Payday Advance Loans Safe?

This article will explain just how to use these loans and what to watch out for as there are many traps built into these loans and the borrowers must be aware of them!

A typical payday loan is for $500.00 borrowed for two weeks with fees and interested added in for a total one-time payback of $650.00

This is a hefty price for using $500.00 for two weeks but when you really need money and can not get it elsewhere they become relevant quickly and if you pay it back on the first due date IN FULL you will be fine.

What If I Get Trapped?

money trapsThis should not happen if you follow our link above and understand the rules, but even the best of intentions can go south.

We here at Help With Payday Loan Debt do offer our services for anyone who is in trouble with payday loan debt and everyone qualifies.

We have been helping people for years and come with a pat on the back from the Better Business Bureau.

You can call us anytime at 1.877.280.5100 or fill out our free no obligation form for a quote on how we can help YOU!


Fast CashBecause we know people will take out these loans regardless of the warnings they hear we must make sure we offer everyone a complete explanation on how to use these loans safely and we believe we have that covered here on our website.

The easy draw of automatic money deposited directly into people’s bank accounts really makes it hard to say no when someone is desperate for cash.

We ask that you make sure you really need the money before you act and that you can really afford to pay it back.

We still believe the only really safe payday loan is no payday loan, but at the same time this is not a perfect world and everyone needs a hand at one point or another.

Enjoy your holiday season and if you do get in trouble with payday loan debt know we are here to help you!

In Debt With Payday Loan Debt? Let Us Help by

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14 thoughts on “Payday Loans For People With Bad Credit”

  1. Hi Shawn

    Payday loans sounds like a terrible idea. But I guess if you are in a difficult situation a person may have no other option.

    People in these situations should be taught how to make money and more importantly how to manage it correctly as well. We have a savings share program locally whereby people can borrow against their savings. There is no interest or assets required to borrow either. It’s a great program. Thanks for the information it was fantastic reading.

    Kind Regards


    1. Hi, Michelle!

      That sounds like an awesome program and I agree, there does need to be better ways of educating people on how top manage their money.

      If you understand the process going in to a payday loan and you can pay it off on the first due date inb full, you will be fine, but most people do not do this, and that is where it gets sticky and expensive!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Hi Shawn,

    I’ve never done any payday loan before (and hopefully i do not need to have one) but it’s good to know that there’s a option out there available should I need some money for emergency purpose. Is this the same as personal loan? Is 2 weeks the only available tenor? What would be the advantage of taking this loan rather than using credit card? Thank youl.

    1. Hi, Patsy!

      There are no advantages over using your credit card and 2 weeks is usually the length of the loan.

      These loans are short term and high interest and they are marketed to people who do not qualify for a regular loan or even a credit card.

      Best thing to do is steer clear of them!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  3. Hi Shawn

    Great to see somebody helping people who find themselves in trouble with these pay day loans. I myself have not used them and hope I never will. I din’t know if it’s the same in the states but in the UK the APR at the bottom of the adverts shows over 1000%!!!!!.
    You have to really need the cash to agree to these terms and it is so important to use these loans in the right way keep up the good work. What you are doing here will mean so much to the people who find themselves on the wrong side of these loans.

    1. Hi, Jim!

      Thanks for stopping by and the great compliments.

      We are here for one reason, to help people get out from under their payday loan debt.

      IF you or anyone you know may need help know we are here!


  4. I’ve never done a payday loan and hope never to have to but it’s good to know it’s there if needed.

    Thanks for your well-said explanation of “the rules”.

    In many ways money is like a drug, a very addictive drug.

    As you said, you know people will ignore the warnings. Those are people who are under the influence of money addiction.

    Sadly, I’ve been one of them. Also, I have incurred a lot of debt this past year.

    I’ve been debt free and I’ve also been heavily in debt. It is absolutely better to be debt free but debt can be used to our advantage if used properly.

    Great stuff.

    Best wishes.


    1. Hi, Bob!

      I agree, you can use debt wisely. Sorry to hear you have been down the road of huge debt, I can relate as I have been there myself.

      It is fun being debt free but so easy to forget how good it feels and get careless.

      Thanks for stopping by and please help share this site so we can reach more people who may need our help!


  5. From what you’re saying, payday loan debt should be an absolute last resort. I know how it can feel when money seems to run low and you’re wondering “What will I do?”. Oftentimes, it’s really easy to make rash decisions during these times.

    You’ve really gone out of your way to provide information (that’s actually useful!) for people who may be in those dire situations and need to make a decision quickly. If I’m in the sort of situation anytime soon, I’ll know where to come.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi, Bryan!

      It can happen to anyone and it does.

      I am more than happy to supply both jknowledge and solutions for anything involving payday loans and payday loan debt.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and pass the word that we are here!


  6. There are just times when money is tight and needed. Thanks for providing the opportunity to get some cash and also fully explain how this works. It is also reassuring to have someone who is there to assist if things go bad.

    I spent a number of years in East Africa and we operated a cooperative banking system where people could take out micro loans from the group – interest was normally 10% for a month – so pretty high – but no other option available and also it is just short-term. Here there was also a lot of accountability from the group

    I agree with your comments about the best option nis to avoid debt completely but sometimes – it is just the only option to help and lets face it – people spend $150 on all sorts of other ‘unnecessary’ things.


    1. Hi, Richard!

      I know, sometimes money is just needed at any cost. I have been there and I am sure many others have and will be.

      If a person knows going in how they work and what to expect they are armed and ready!

      Thanks for stopping by and please spread the word that we are here.


  7. It’s a great article, very detailed and easy to read. I think the best way to be succesfull with aricles and posts is to write them simple as you can. And another thing bulk article content is realy hard to get throught if your searching the quick answer. All GREAT IDEAS IS SIMPLE!

    1. Hi, Roberts!

      Thanks for stopping by and yes I write these articles very simple because I want to make sure everyone has a chance of understanding the content. 🙂


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