Some Cities Say No To Alabama Payday Loans

By Shawn Lee Martin

Birmingham, Alabama
Birmingham, Alabama

Some cities are saying no to Alabama payday loans, and Birmingham is leading the way!

The Birmingham city council has just extended the moratorium on payday loan and title pawn lenders for another 6 months.

What this means is many people will not end up living a nightmare after Christmas this year trying to pay up their payday loans and get back their titles they pawned getting money for the holidays.

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Moratorium on payday loan and title pawn lenders

Payday Loan Shark
Payday Loan Shark

What this does is makes any new payday loans or title pawn loans illegal for the next 6 months in Birmingham. This covers online and brick and mortar storefronts.

The decision to do this does not sit well with everyone. Borrow Smart Alabama’s Max Wood says the online companies are the ones who are exploiting people.

We disagree with Mr. Woods. We believe all payday loans are taking advantage of the poor and underprivileged, and  are happy to see them become illegal.

Cities are joining forces

Alabama County Map
Alabama County Map

Birmingham city council members have stated that many other cities in Alabama including Gulf Shores, Athens, Tuscaloosa, and Orange beach have already passed similar measures to combat these high-interest short term lenders.

It is nice to see this kind of action catching on across the country.

As we eliminate any new loans, we can slowly bail the people out of debt and restore some sanity to these peoples lives.


More and more of our elected officials are listening to the people and taking action against these loan companies.

Let’s all hope this trend continues, and at some point, all we will be doing is getting people out of their final payday loan debt.

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Are you being pro active against these kinds of loans?

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