Alabama payday loans: Are They Safe?

Alabama payday loansThe real question that needs to be asked is not about Alabama payday loans but about all payday loans. Are any of them safe?

Well, that is an interesting question and one we will address along with what the Alabamas laws are and how they affect the borrowers.

Let’s first start off by reading our article on How To Use Payday Loans

Once we know how to use them properly we can take a look at the state of Alabama and how they regulate them!

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Some Cities Say No To Alabama Payday Loans

By Shawn Lee Martin

Birmingham, Alabama
Birmingham, Alabama

Some cities are saying no to Alabama payday loans, and Birmingham is leading the way!

The Birmingham city council has just extended the moratorium on payday loan and title pawn lenders for another 6 months.

What this means is many people will not end up living a nightmare after Christmas this year trying to pay up their payday loans and get back their titles they pawned getting money for the holidays.

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States are learning how to fight payday loans

By Shawn Martin

Alabama State Seal
Alabama State Seal

State by state this country is slowly getting it right. States are learning how to fight payday loans with new laws, and it is about time.

Alabama is the latest state to call for a statewide database that will record all payday loan transactions and keep track of peoples activities.

The idea is to avoid giving people multiple payday loans at one time and keep track of those who do not pay them back in a timely manner.

California, Pennsylvania, and other areas are also requesting similar databases.

13 states already have their own databases and have put into action that make sure lenders qualify for a new loan without having an outstanding one already.

Veritec Solutions LLC, the company who designs and services the databases, also runs call centers to help people who are denied loans.

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