Help To pay Off Payday Loans Is Here!

By Shawn Lee Martin

Help To pay Off Payday Loans
Everyone Qualifies!

So many people who are caught in the payday loan trap are not aware of the help available to them so we have published this post “Help To Pay Off Payday Loans Is Here!” to inform the masses we are here to help!

Most payday loan companies will not inform their customers of the help available to them when they get behind on their payments because when a customer is trapped in the payday loan trap the companies make their most profit.

By having their customers take out multiple loans to cover payments and they also add extra interest and fee charges the profits grow incredibly fast for the lenders.

The lure of easy money traps the borrower and before they know it they are buried in debt and borrowing more to keep up and it turns into a vicious cycle of destruction.

We would like to change that for everyone who needs help!

Read on and see how we can change the playing field for you!

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How To Deal With Payday Loan Collectors Who Threaten You

By Shawn Lee Martin

how to deal with debt collectors
But they are not!

We have seen just about every kind of collection method used by these guys and gals and we thought we better put out a post about how to deal with payday loan collectors who threaten you!

Pretty much all of them use some sort of scare tactics and we would like to expose them for what they are, cowards and liars!

Now those are very strong words but they do apply and if you want to know why, continue reading this post.

These people will resort to anything and we mean anything to get your money and we feel you should be informed about these tactics they use and what your rights are when dealing with the collectors.

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Payday Loan Debt Advice Is Priceless!

By Shawn Lee Martin

debt adviceHi and welcome!

I would assume you are looking for some payday loan debt advice.

You are in luck!

We would be more than happy to share some of the more common things we deal with on a day to day basis concerning payday loans and payday loan debt!

This is a crazy time of year with people end up taking out too many payday loans and when they all come due at once things can explode real quickly!

It can get pretty confusing for the borrowers.

I have been in this situation myself and can relate to the feeling of helplessness and desperation of finding oneself in over their heads and looking for a way out but not knowing where to turn.

Or another situation can be that all the Christmas bills are coming due and money is just not there to pay them, thus the question becomes “Should I take out a payday loan to help cover the bills?”

These questions and many others are some of the reasons I chose to start this website and make sure help was available for people like me who have ended up in the payday loan trap and need advice and help getting back out of it!

It helps so much to have someone on your side!

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