Get Help For Payday Loans Today!

By Shawn Lee Martin

help with payday loans

I told John to relax, take a deep breath and tell me exactly what was going on. and that yes, I could help him right away but first I needed to know what kind of help he needed.

He hollered “Your website says I can get help with payday loan debt today and boy do I need it!”

I answered that yes, I could help him right away but again, first I needed to know what kind of help he needed.

He finally started breathing a  bit slower and started to tell me his story, and as I listened I could have written this story myself because I had heard it so many times from so many of our clients.

Not only could I have written it but I had lived it!

I had experienced a very similar story myself when I was on the wrong side of these payday loans and this was a huge driving source for me building this site and helping people with similar issues with payday loan debt.

Kick your feet back and have a read!

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Old Payday Loan Debt Collectors calling?

By Shawn Lee Martin

old payday loan debt collectorsWhen old payday loan debt collectors come calling, what do we do?

Yes, we had a ton of bad payday loan debt but when we moved and changed our phone numbers they lost track of us and quit calling.

Now they have caught up with us again and are calling constantly and threatening legal action if we do not start paying immediately.

And the worst part is what was a pretty big payday loan balance when they quit calling is now outrageous, as the loans have continued to grow all the while.

Need help with payday loan debt?

Let us show how to eliminate it!


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