Get Out Of payday Loan Hell Today!

payday loan hellAre you wanting to get out of payday loan hell today?

We have great news that will make your day and we can not wait to share it with you!

We can help each and every person who is buried in payday loan debt not only get out of this crazy debt trap but also ensure you do it for a fraction of what you owe and that is always a good thing, right?

I know you are asking yourself how we can do this and that is a very valid question. so let’s explore what we do and how we do it!

Before we get into the details take a look at just how out of control this type of debt is by checking out this awesome sites article on Payday Loans Statistics

When you finish checking out the stats come on back and we will show you how we can help you with your payday loan debt!

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I Need Help Paying Off Payday Loans Now!

By Shawn Lee Martin

help paying off payday loansNothing makes this business more satisfying as when we get the question “I need help paying off payday loans!”

The main reason I say this is because it cuts to the chase and gets the reason why they are contacting us out in the open so we can get to work helping them right away.

See, the business we are in specializes in helping people who have out of control payday loan debt, and if you have any payday loan debt at all it is already out of control, thus here we are waiting to help.

We have taken on the mission statement that as long as these companies are getting people in trouble with payday loan debt we will be here to help educate the public and help them avoid and or eliminate payday loan debt!

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Payday Loan News In Alabama

By Shawn Lee Martin

Alabama LegislatureThe current payday loan news in Alabama is a small victory for the loan companies and those who back them.

A bill designed to put more regulations on payday loan companies has just been sent to the house sub committee and is looking like it will stay there for quite a while.

This is bad news for those who want to put more restrictions on these types of loans.

So many states are moving forward on protecting their residents against being exploited by incredible interest rates and traps to keep them in debt.

This is a set back in the eyes of Alabama residents.

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Picking The Right Payday Loan, Why It Matters

By Shawn Martin

Payday Loan Company
Payday Loan Company

Picking the right payday loan can be the difference between paying a one time payment and an on going nightmare of charges and non stop headaches.

I know that sounds a bit drastic but it really is true. If you are in the market to take out a payday loan you must understand the differences between brick and mortar loan companies and how they do business.

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Let’s take a look at the two and see how they work.
Brick and mortar businesses

These companies follow state laws and are mostly set up as a payday advance. You borrow a set amount and they add a fee and an interest charge. When the check comes due they present it to your bank and collect their money.

If you use this type of company it is recommended you make sure you do not roll over this loan, and on the first due date it is paid in full, period!

If you follow this advice you will be out the high charges but the loan will be satisfied and that will be the end of it.

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Wyoming’s Payday Loan Laws

By Shawn Martin

Whyoming State Flag
Whyoming State Flag

Wyoming’s payday loan laws are interesting.

They regulate physical address businesses by requiring them to be licensed.

They do not however address online payday loan companies.

The brick and mortar businesses must follow the following regulations. They must limit payday loans to 30 days in length.

They do not have a limit on the amount you may borrow. They do however limit rollovers by not allowing them.

Interest and fee rates are a bit confusing. They allow a $30.00 charge or 20% per loan, whichever is greater, but the way they compound it can lead to huge interest rates.

For example, a 14 day loan for $100.00 has an APR of 780%. One can get into trouble fast with too much payday loan debt at these rates.

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