Is An Income Tax Refund Advance Loan Wise?

income tax refund advance loanBy Shawn Lee Martin

We get asked many questions around tax refund time every year and the most common question is: “Is An Income Tax Advance Refund Loan Wise?

Our answer to this depends on several variables including what the advance would be spent on and how much it will cost to get the advance.

This article will cover tax refunds and whether taking out tax refund advance loans is a wise idea.

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Are Online Payday Advance Loans Safe?

online payday advance loans
Easy cash?

With the holiday seasons on their way online payday advance loans become a very real way to make ends meet for those who run short on cash but one needs to know what to look out for when using them.

There will be ads that will be hitting you in the papers, on the radio and all over the internet promising you money in your bank account within 24 hours and if you are not informed on how to use them safely you can find yourself in real trouble right away.

Let’s take a look at what these loans are and how to safely use them and also what to do if you end up in trouble with these loans.

Hopefully, we can help avoid some of the pitfalls.

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Aggressive Action On Payday Loans In New York

By Shawn Lee Martin

By taking aggressive action on payday loans in New York, this state is sending the right message about these short-term high-interest loan companies.

That message is that these loans are illegal in New York and those companies that are still doing business in New York State better cease all activity or pay the price.

This message has been sent out by New York financial regulators in the form of subpoenas to 16 online firms that are suspected of either doing business or lead generating in this state.

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