Can You Have Multiple Payday Loans?

Can You Have Multiple Payday Loans
The typical payday loan officer

The question that gets asked quite often involving payday loans is “Can I have multiple payday loans?” and the answer is not cut and dried by any means.

Before we get into the answer to that question lets first get a professional definition of Payday loans in the United States so we are all on the same page, then we can continue on to the complicated answer to the above question.

Let’s take a look at how these companies work and how easy it really is to get buried in payday loan debt, how they will let you take out loans even when they are illegal, and how to avoid getting caught in the payday loan trap.

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80 Payday Loans and counting?

By Shawn Lee Martin

Online Loans made too easy!
Online Loans made too easy!

80 payday loans and counting?

You have got to be kidding me right?

Money Advice trust is a payday loan hotline that refers people to third parties for help with payday loan debt.

This service now reports that calls to it’s hotline have doubled in the last year topping more than 20,000 calls and this year could be worse yet.

Some of the callers confess to having many multiple payday loans, with one person admitting he had 80 active payday loans he was trying to manage!

Having this many loans is just plain crazy, and can lead to a lifetime of problems.

People calling for help has increased 4200% since 2007, and most of these calls come from borrowers who are strapped with over 40000% Interest per year!

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