North Carolina Payday Loan Companies, Beware!

By Shawn Lee Martin

North Carolina
North Carolina

Finally, more and more states are jumping on the band wagon and going after short-term high-interest loans.

North Carolina payday loan companies beware! You are next!

Many states have already made these loans illegal and others are in the process of passing new laws.

They are also going after the companies that do not abide by the laws passed.

Such is the case in North Carolina, and we here at Help payday Loan Debt could not be happier!

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North Carolina’s Payday Loan laws

By Shawn Martin

North Carolina State Flag
North Carolina State Flag

North Carolina’s payday loan laws are set up for maximum profits for the loan companies.

The loans have no limits on how many loans you can take out at one time, or how long you may take the loans out for, or even how often you can roll them over.

This state has

passed specific legislature authorizing payday loans and allowing interest rates among the highest in the United States.

For example, a $300.00 payday loan taken out for two weeks will give the borrower $255.00 cash and the lender will pocket a $45.00 fee.

If the borrower pays the loan back in two weeks the APR works out to be 458%. This is if the borrower pays the total loan off on the first due date. Most payday loans are rolled over between 4 to 5 times before being retired in full, leading to incredible fees and interest rates.

And guess what, as stated above, there are no limits to how many times you may roll over a payday loan in North Carolina.

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