Payday Loan Debt Help In Missouri

By Shawn Lee Martin

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Missouri Capital

There is good news for people who need payday loan debt help in Missouri.

The Missouri Senate gave its approval on a bill that would eliminate roll overs of payday loans and cap interest rates charged.

This new law is just another of many being pushed for and passed around the country as people are getting tired of being taken advantage of by these loan companies.

The Senate passed the bill by a 26-4 vote, and this will now become law.

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Need payday Loan Help?

By Shawn Lee Martin

Use The Help Desk!
Use The Help Desk!

I have seen it over and over.

People send me Emails looking for a way to stop collections, but they just do not have the courage to say I need payday loan help.

Asking this simple question opens doors for them that they could not open themselves.

Let me explain.

The other day a lady told me a story when she came to this site looking for help.

She finally made the decision she needed help and asked for it, which we delivered

If only she would have asked for help about 9 months earlier she would have saved many sleepless nights and thousands of dollars.

I decided with her permission would tell her story.

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I Need Payday Loan Debt Help!

By Shawn Lee Martin

FDICI Need Payday Loan Debt Help!

Well, thanks to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation your choices of getting these loans is going to get a bit smaller.

Not the kind of help you were looking for? Maybe not, but the good news is major banks are starting to get out of the payday loan business, and that is help in itself.

What this means is thanks to the FDIC putting pressure on major banks who are backing in-house payday loans, many of the major banks are discontinuing these types of short-term high-interest loans for fear of going astray of the FDIC.

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Do you need help with payday loan debt?

By Shawn Lee Martin

Too many bills!
Too many bills!

Christmas is over and now the January bills are hitting the mailbox and you just figured out how bad you need help with payday loan debt.

It will be a repeating reality for many people as long as these loans are around.

Despite the crackdown on these loan companies by lawmakers this last year, there is still no shortage of people needing help!.

You need money form the holidays and you go get a payday loan.

Then you still end up short so you get another one to cover the first ones payments, and well, you see the circle one can create in a very short amount of time.

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