We Can Help With Payday Loan Payments!

By Shawn Lee Martin

help with payday loan payments
We Can Help!

I answered the phone the other day and heard a lady moaning “I need help with payday loan payments today! Can you help me?”

Well, I told them as a matter of fact, yes I could help them, and I could get started doing it right away!

I immediately heard a sigh of relief and a quite “Thank God” and I smiled.

These kinds of phone calls come every day here at Help With Payday Loan Debt and we take them very seriously.

We understand what it feels like to be buried in payday loan debt and having the collectors calling and threatening every waking hour because we have been in those same shoes at one time or another in the past.

Let me share some more interesting phone calls we have received and how we helped the people making them!

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Help With Defaulted Payday Loan Payments

By Shawn Lee Martin

defaulted payday loan payments
You Want How Much??!!

As I was sitting in the office, a frantic call came in from a lady who I will call Jane, who was yelling I need help with defaulted payday loan payments!!

Jane was freaking out because she had 7 payday loans that she had been juggling for the last 3 months and she had finally completely run out of options coming up with the required payments every two weeks to cover the loans.

Once the payment due date came around and she could not cover any of the 7 loans, she just lost it!

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How can I stop Payday Loan Payments?

By Shawn Lee Martin

Stop payday Loan Payments
Stopping payday Loan payments

We hear  many questions with new people signing up for our payday loan consolidation service.

One of the most frequent questions is ” How can I stop my payday loan payments?

The quick answer is you can’t just call up the bank and shut these off.

The payday loan companies will resort to all kinds of tactics to keep the line between your bank account and them open and flowing, even if it means destroying your account.

There is a simple and easy way to deal with this and we will get into that in a bit.

Before we do that  lets take a look at what a checking account overdraft is:

Now lets go see what we can do about avoiding them.

Are you stuck in a trap like this?

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Paying Off Payday Loans With Tax Refund?

By Shawn Lee Martin

paying off payday loansAre you planning on paying off payday loans with your tax refund?

Studies show that many people with out of control payday loan debt at tax refund time race right out and dump their whole tax refund on their payday loan debt.

This rarely works and many times actually makes the problem worse.

The entire loan balance usually does not get retired and within weeks the customer is right back where they where before they blew their whole tax return.

After all the good intentions and your whole tax return there you sit one month later with a larger balance than before you tried to pay it down!

We have a much better way of taking care of this!

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