Are Pawn Shop Payday Loans Smart Loans?

By Shawn Lee Martin

pawn shop payday loanWhen we first found out that pawn shop payday loans were the new thing we scratched our heads and had to ask ourselves why the pawn shops were going into the payday loan business.

When we started running the numbers we were stunned!

It made complete sense that they would choose this type of service to offer considering the huge profits involved in these loans.

Since the pawn shops will be offering both types of loans his article will explore them and how they stack up against each other, which is better and why.

Let’s start with payday loans!

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Get Out From Under Payday Loans Today!

By Shawn Lee Martin

out-from-under-payday-loan-debtIt is about time to put a foot down and get out from under payday loans today!

Easily said from people who are not under the weight of them, but quite a different story when you are living with payday loan debt.

There is a new trend that has been building over the last 10 years and it is dominating many low-income households today.

People are not only living from pay check to pay check which can be stressful at best, they are now living from payday loan to payday loan!

This trend is dangerous and can cause problems in a person’s family, finances and all around well being.

We offer everyone who is in the latter position an easy way to get out of payday loan debt and we can start doing this today but first, let’s explore how it is affecting people’s lives with a real customer horror story.

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Your Payday Loan Help Has Arrived

By Shawn Lee Martin

Ho Ho Hold out your wallet!

Christmas is past and you were able to get the kids something but the price could end up being much higher than you were planning on.The good news is your payday loan help has arrived, and none too soon.

If you made it through the holiday season without taking out one or more payday loans good for you.

Unfortunately too many people did not make it with many taking out multiple loans they can not cover, and now that the holiday season is over these companies can get vicious in their collection efforts.

Before everyone starts to panic and thinking they have to sell everything they own to cover their payments, lets take a look at one of our clients who are kind enough to share their experience from last years holiday season.

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Idaho Payday Loans get Hit hard!

By Shawn Lee Martin

Caldwell, Idaho
Caldwell, Idaho

Idaho is the next state to take action against curbing short term high interest loans and the result of their recent decisions mean Idaho payday loans get hit hard

State after state are starting to combat against these legal loan sharks, all the result of constant complaints from the customers themselves.

People keep finding themselves caught in the payday loan  trap and have had enough of being taken advantage of.

Government is starting to finally pay attention and are fighting back.

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