What Is The Best Way To Get Out Of Payday Loan Debt?

By Shawn Lee Martin

What Is The Best Way To Get Out Of Payday Loan DebtWhen someone asks us: “What Is The Best Way To Get Out Of Payday Loan Debt?” we immediately understand the urgency of the question.

Having dealt with payday loan debt as long as we have we it is easy to think we have seen everything you could see with this kind of thing but it never fails that about once a week we hear a new horror story that just baffles us!

Rather than rehash all of the bad things that people get put through because of this kind of debt lets look at the best way to avoid it completely.

You know the simple answer that is coming and that is to not take one of these loans out in the first palace!

Of course, that answer is not going to help anybody asking this question because if they are asking it they are in trouble or know someone who is in trouble already!

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We know how it feels to get constant phone calls, threats of legal action and requests to take out more loans to cover the ones you already currently owe for.

You are asked to sell your belongings or borrow from relatives and the calls at work and at home are never-ending.

The truth of the power you have to stop all of this in a matter of a couple of days will never be told to you by these companies but the remedy nonetheless is at your disposal from the time you became past due with these loans!

These companies rarely waste time on people who know their tactics for playing these payday loan traps out and will settle with you as quickly as possible to get you out of their way so they can concentrate on other borrowers who do not know they have the power to stop all of this in its tracks.

The Trap

best way to get out of payday loan debtThe payday loan trap is simple and effective.

Three out of every Five borrowers will extend their payday loan an average of 5 times before they pay it off in full, and this alone adds up to huge profits for the loan companies.

Here is where it gets really bad for the borrower. Two of those three borrowers ends up in the payday loan trap. Too much debt, multiple loans and no foreseeable way to cover their payments without outside help.

This is where the loan collectors start hitting hard and go for every dime they can get out of you in every way they can, including some very illegal collection practices.

You can stop this the 1st day you miss a payment and spare yourself any of the above and I will show you how!

What To Do

If a person contacts a program like ours right away we will take over their loan for them and immediately stop all collection activity.

The borrower will no longer receive any contact from the loan companies whatsoever as our program does all the work for you.

We treat your loan like they are ours!

What we do:

  • Stop all collection activity
  • Stop all phone calls
  • Consolidate any multiple loans
  • Stop all interest
  • Negotiate away up to 75% of outstanding interest owed
  • Set up a new low affordable repayment plan you can afford
  • We then make your payments for you

So, by simply filling out or form for a free quote on how we can help you or by calling us toll-free at 1.877.280.5100 you can have this process started today and end this insanity before it spirals out of control and ends up costing you thousands of dollars and your sanity!


If everyone who took out one of these loans was told if they did get in trouble making their payments that our option is the best way to get out of payday loan debt there would be far fewer people selling everything they own, taking out additional loans and even bankruptcy and divorce!

Of course, they will not do that unless ordered to by law because they would not be able to reap the billions in extra interest and fees that they currently enjoy.

I hope this article helps as many people as possible who are trapped in payday loan debt find their way back up from this horrible debt!

Grant yourself the help you need, call us today!

Need Help Today With Payday Loan Debt?

Click Here For The Help You Deserve! 

9 thoughts on “What Is The Best Way To Get Out Of Payday Loan Debt?”

  1. Here in the UK we have a very simple solution – we change our names and move a lot.

    Very handy having the internet in the UK if you run a blog or website.

    All you need is an internet connection and a telephone directory to choose your next name from.

    We got this one sorted, eh?

  2. Personally I have tried to avoid taking out loans for the specific reasons that you’ve mentioned in this page. I do have a car loan that I’m trying to pay off right now. My mistake was that I had a previous car that I traded in and when I got the new car I started paying even more than I was for my old car on a monthly basis. I’m not in extreme debt however if I had seen this page first I might have stuck with the old car.

    1. Hi, Chris!

      Hindsight is always a good teacher, but do not beat yourself up over it, just learn the lesson is what I say!

      I am glad you do not have any payday loan debt and I hope you stay that way but if you ever do need help we will be here!


  3. Mr Martin it is your NOT elusive friend here Simon. I found a lot of you post I was very familiar with being as I too have been on the receiving end of these PAYDAY loan companies. ~In fact it went on to explain a situation that I got myself into a few times it really did so I connected to it easily as I would image the readers will do as they have most probably already taken one out.

    1. Hi Simon!

      Yes you are my friend and I will get hold of you on Monday if not sooner, life has been crazy busy here!

      I know these companies can really kick you in the rear and you have to be careful they do not end up owning you.

      If you ever need help with them you just call me!


  4. I just came across this site and I’m glad I did. I’ve have never been in the situation myself, but stories go around. It’s sad that there are people in the world who want to benefit of others pain, I don’t like that in any way.
    Your article gives a good picture of what to do, and why we shouldn’t be so afraid to stand up against these kind of sharks.

    Thank you for helping people out there, and giving information to the rest of us!

  5. Thankfully, I’ve never had to take out a payday loan. But I know people who’ve had to do it. In fact, I still know people who get caught in the payday loan trap. Your service sounds very valuable, particularly in reducing outstanding interest by up to 75% and by stopping the harassing calls. I guess the pay day loan company would rather get 100% of something than 0% of everything and that’s why they are open to negotiations. Good advice to not take out a loan, and good advice on what to do if they get out of control. I know a few people who need to see this page. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Alyssa!

      Send them over and we will be happy to give them the help they need in dealing with this kind of debt!

      I am glad you have avoided any of these loans and traps that come with them and keep making those great decisions!


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