Wyoming’s Payday Loan Laws

By Shawn Martin

Whyoming State Flag
Whyoming State Flag

Wyoming’s payday loan laws are interesting.

They regulate physical address businesses by requiring them to be licensed.

They do not however address online payday loan companies.

The brick and mortar businesses must follow the following regulations. They must limit payday loans to 30 days in length.

They do not have a limit on the amount you may borrow. They do however limit rollovers by not allowing them.

Interest and fee rates are a bit confusing. They allow a $30.00 charge or 20% per loan, whichever is greater, but the way they compound it can lead to huge interest rates.

For example, a 14 day loan for $100.00 has an APR of 780%. One can get into trouble fast with too much payday loan debt at these rates.

If you choose to use the online payday loan services in this state you must make sure you understand how they work.

Read all the fine print and do not sign anything or accept money into your bank account without doing the necessary research to protect yourself from crazy interest rates.

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This information hopefully helps you be aware of the traps payday loans present, and why you should avoid them.

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    1. Most states do not Bill. It is really hard to track them. They can be based anywhere really, and just try to get them out of your bank account once they have access to it. They will change their name and whatever else they need to do to keep hitting your account if you go into default.

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